Acronics Cyber Backups for Dedicated Hosting Launched by Liquid Web

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Liquid Web has announced the launch of Acronis Cyber Backups for Dedicated Hosting to help its customers protect data and ensure quick recovery in the event of disaster.

Acronis is the leading provider of on-premise and cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions. The Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud is used by many organizations to protect their virtual, physical and cloud environments and ensure that in the event of a disaster such as a ransomware attack, their data can be easily recovered. Given the number of attacks now taking place, backups are no longer an option. They are a necessity.

The Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud can be used by businesses of all sizes to ensure their data is 100% secured. Acronis backup solutions are easy to use, reliable, and have been developed to improve recovery time while creating more efficient uptime.

The new Acronis Cyber Backups for Dedicated Hosting service gives Liquid Web customers new capabilities including the ability to self-manage backups and customize their backups through a powerful new portal. Customers can create custom backup plans, set scheduling and retention policies, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and industry regulations.

The solution can be used to create local backups, backups on the Liquid Web cloud, or in the Acronis Cloud. The service also includes Acronis Active Protection which provides an extra layer of security and protection against ransomware attacks, including instant restore capabilities.

“Acronis Cyber Backups will give our customers the ability to customize and access their backups themselves, which is something that has been highly requested,” said Melanie Purkis, Director of Managed Hosting Product at Rackspace. “Acronis offers an innovative data backup solution that will ensure all of our customers’ data is safe and secure, so it is available precisely when our customers need it.”

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