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Atlantic.Net HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Atlantic.Net is a market-leading provider of HIPAA-compliant dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and managed hosting services to healthcare organizations and business associates of HIPAA-covered entities.

The company was founded in 1994 as an Internet services provider but has adapted its services in response to changing technology trends and transitioned into a cloud services provider in 2009. Over the past 25 years the company has earned a reputation as a provider of high quality, reliable, secure hosting services, which is backed up by numerous regional and national business awards.

Atlantic.Net has been included in the Florida 100 for 4 years in a row, has had 3 successive years in the Inc. 500 list, and two successive years in the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 100 .NET domain list. The company has earned two MedTech Breakthrough Awards, and has been included in the CRN MSP 500 list, the Channel Co. CRN Tech Elite 250 list, and Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for Cloud Service Providers to Healthcare Delivery Organizations. Atlantic.Net was also named Best HIPAA Platform Provider in 2018 and received a Best Patient Data Security Solution Award in 2019.

Atlantic.Net embraces new technologies and has partnered with many of the leading tech, communications, and IT firms such as VMware, Microsoft, Redhat, Intel, cPanel, AICPA, Samsung, CenturyLink, Verizon, Spectrum, Crown Castle, Cogent Communications, and AT&T. Atlantic.Net is also a member of the Cloud Advisory Council.

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The company has been going from strength to strength and has been enjoying a sustained period of impressive growth. The company now has more than 15,000 business clients in more than 100 countries and operates 7 state-of-the-art data centers in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Ashburn, Orlando, Toronto, and London. Those data centers are backed up with state-of-the-art redundant systems and always-on backup protection for clients’ infrastructure.

Atlantic.Net offers a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA) on its cloud hosting, managed hosting, dedicated hosting, and colocation hosting services. The SLA guarantees all critical infrastructure components will be available 100% of any given month, aside from scheduled maintenance, and all servicers are supported by a multi-tiered, dedicated professional support team that provides technical support and assistance 24/7/365.

Atlantic.Net Hosting Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

All data center infrastructure is routinely inspected and has been fully audited to SSAE18 standards and certified as SOC TYPE II and SOC TYPE III compliant. Atlantic.Net has been audited by third party compliance firms and has demonstrated its hosting services are compliant with the requirements of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and all appropriate provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The platform is used by many healthcare organizations to host their infrastructure in the cloud, SaaS applications, and EMR platforms and the company is one of the most trusted hosting companies serving the healthcare industry.

HIPAA Cloud Hosting

Atlantic.Net’s HIPAA cloud hosting platform has been certified by a qualified third-party auditing company as having exceeded the minimum standards for security demanded by the HIPAA Security Rule. The platform includes a firewall, encrypted VPN, multi-factor authentication, and a private hosted environment with offsite backups, SSAE 18 certification, and SSL certificates. Atlantic.Net offers a 100% uptime SLA and will sign business associate agreements with HIPAA-covered entities. Click to find out more about Atlantic.Net HIPAA cloud hosting

HIPAA Dedicated Hosting

Atlantic.Net can provide customized hosting solutions to healthcare providers to meet their specific hosting requirements, which include a range of Windows and Linux dedicated server packages. HIPAA Windows dedicated server hosting is available on Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (with Containers/Docker), Windows Server 2008 Datacenter SP1, Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter, and Windows Server 2012 Desktop Experience. Atlantic.Net also supports the following Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, and Arch Linux. Atlantic.Net also supports the following dedicated server One-Click applications: LAMP, LEMP, WordPress, Docker, Node.js, cPanel/WHM, OctoberCMS, and Nextcloud. Click to find out more about Atlantic.Net HIPAA dedicated hosting

HIPAA Database Hosting

Altantic.Net offers a fully audited-HIPAA-compliant customizable database hosting platform offering scalability, security, high speed data transfers, simplistic pricing, fast provisioning, round-the-clock-monitoring, and a 100% uptime guarantee. The Atlantic.Net platform supports the MSSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL platforms and satisfies the strictest government regulations. Click to find out more about Atlantic.Net HIPAA database hosting

HIPAA Cloud Storage

Altantic.Net offers HIPAA compliant cloud storage for large datasets, health records, and medical images, with secure end-to-end encryption and multifactor authentication. Atlantic.Net’s Secure Block Storage (SBS) is easily accessible, scalable, highly redundant, and ideal for running mission critical applications requiring robust, always-available scalable block storage and for running database queries requiring low latency and high performance. Click to find out more about Atlantic.Net HIPAA cloud storage

HIPAA WordPress Hosting

Atlantic.Net offers a HIPAA-compliant hosting platform for WordPress websites that interact with ePHI. The hosting platform includes a fully managed firewall, encrypted VPN, encrypted storage, intrusion prevention service, file integrity monitoring, encrypted backups, vulnerability scanning, anti-malware protection, a log management system, and highly available bandwidth. Click to find out more about Atlantic.Net HIPAA WordPress hosting

HIPAA Disaster Recovery

To ensure uninterrupted business continuity, Atlantic.Net offers a secure and robust disaster recovery hosting solution. Veeam backup replication software is used to ensure total protection for clients’ infrastructure, which is fully monitored, managed, and maintained by skilled staff and engineers.

Atlantic.Net’s managed disaster recovery service constantly monitors infrastructure and fail services from a primary data center to a secondary data center and includes world-class recovery time objective and recovery point objective service levels. Fully managed HIPAA backups are performed daily, hourly, or at 15-minute or 5-minute increments, based on customer requirements and data restores and full bare-metal restores can be performed to recover data and infrastructure to any point in time. Click to find out more about Atlantic.Net HIPAA disaster recovery services

HIPAA Managed Services

Atlantic.Net offers a range of full-stack managed services to healthcare organizations to help them get the most out of their IT projects, including managed server hosting, Veeam backup agents, Network edge/DDoS protection, Trend Micro Deep Security, private cloud infrastructure, server management, MFA, firewall and intrusion detection services, and consulting agreements. Click to find out more about Atlantic.Net HIPAA managed services

HIPAA Data Centers

Atlantic.Net operates 7 HIPAA-compliant data centers in New York, Dallas, Toronto, San Francisco, London, Ashburn, and Orlando which support all use-case scenarios from e-Commerce websites to healthcare applications housing highly sensitive HIPAA-regulated data. All data centers are protected by state-of-the-art security and redundant systems and all clients are provided with rapid access to world-class network and data center facility resources. Click to find out more about Atlantic.Net HIPAA data centers

Managed Security

Atlantic.Net’s managed security service has been developed to safeguard server infrastructure and protect critical data, allowing customers to stay focused on their business needs. Atlantic.Net oversees all aspects of security for hosted environments ensuring security exceeds industry standards. Services include a professionally managed firewall, managed edge protection against DDoS attacks, an Intrusion Prevention System, fully managed VPN, Trend Micro-powered Deep Security antimalware protection, and multi-factor authentication.

HIPAA Security Services

HIPAA-covered entities and their business associates can take advantage of a range of managed security services that deliver world-class security at an affordable price and ensure HIPAA Security Rule compliance. Some of the most popular managed HIPAA security services include a HIPAA Intrusion Prevention System, Trend Micro Anti-Malware protection for physical, virtual, and HIPAA compliant cloud servers, log inspection, integrity monitoring, incoming and outgoing traffic monitoring, dedicated managed firewalls, and encrypted VPN connections to and from customers’ hosted servers.

Pharma & Biotech Solutions

Atlantic.Net’s advanced scalability, connectivity, and performance is helping to power pharma and Biotech scientific innovation and boost global collaboration, while delivering enhanced security and compliance. The company provides a secure, reliable, and affordable fully HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting environment for use with healthcare big data along with a public cloud solution for that can be used for fast-paced complex computations that provides access to thousands of machines in a matter of seconds. Atlantic.Net’s solutions for pharma and biotech can be leveraged to advance innovation, discovery, collaboration, and development and unleash the potential of AI and machine learning while simplifying security and compliance.

VoIP Cloud Server Service

Atlantic.Net’s VoIP Cloud Server Service delivers agile, seamless, unified communications allowing customers to connect with remote workers via a hosted VoIP solution, reduce costs by hosting a PBX, and connect internal phone systems to the outside world via SIP trunking providers. Atlantic.Net’s high-performance cloud infrastructure underpins healthcare providers’ mission-critical phone systems, improving performance and voice clarity while driving down costs. Many leading VoIP companies rely on Atlantic.Net to provide highly redundant, reliable, secure, and low latency cloud servers.

Cloud VPS WordPress Hosting

Atlantic.Net’s Cloud VPS WordPress hosting allows customers to design, manage and deploy secure, high-performance websites on virtual WordPress servers in seconds to improve performance and reduce costs. Atlantic.Net’s One-Click WordPress application can be launched in under 30 seconds and has a fully up-to-date Linux operating system, secure MySQL database, Apache Web Server frontend, and PHP scripting language optimized for security and performance. Atlantic.Net offers a 100% uptime SLA, daily cloud backups, snapshots, a WordPress VPS IP address, RESTful API, and guaranteed dedicated resources. Customers also benefit from simple licensing and total freedom and flexibility as no contract is required.

Digital Advertising Solutions

Atlantic.Net’s platform delivers robust processing capability and uncompromised security and is capable of supporting digital ad platforms that manage billions of ad impressions every month. Today’s digital ad ecosystem requires lightning-speed and high accuracy advertising distribution channels across the digital domain. Atlantic.Net offers a time-tested, secure, and highly scalable, customizable cloud hosting platform that can be leveraged by businesses to achieve new levels of performance for their digital advertising solutions, while fully safeguarding data and meeting the regulatory requirements of GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more.

Migration Service

Migrating production and development environments can be challenging for IT departments. To ease the strain, Atlantic.Net provides three main migration services. The standard migration service includes seamless migration of defined data directories from on-premise or other hosting providers to Atlantic.Net infrastructure. A dedicated engineer will be assigned for advanced migrations and will work with customers to develop a migration plan, test for compatibility, and assist with planning the migration. The Enterprise migration service includes the features of the standard and advanced migration, with an engineering team assigned to complete bare metal restores (BMR) or Physical to Virtual migrations (P2V).

Certifications and Partnerships

Atlantic.Net is a VMware Partner Professional Solution Provider, Microsoft – Certified Partner Advanced Solutions, is Red Hat Certified and undergoes regular HIPAA, HITECH, SSAE18, and AICPA SOC audits to ensure continued compliance.

Atlantic.Net uses enterprise-grade Intel Xeon CPUs, Intel SSDs and associated hardware for their IT server infrastructure, ultra-fast, high-capacity data center storage is provided by Samsung, and Veeam Backup and Replication provides protection for customer’s infrastructure.

Atlantic.Net is a member of the Cloud Advisory Council and has been a member of the Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA) since 2018.

Success Stories

Atlantic.Net has helped many healthcare organizations transition from on-premises IT infrastructure to robust, highly scalable, flexible, and fast cloud infrastructure allowing them to improve performance and cut costs while ensuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH).

Complete Healthcare Solutions

Complete Healthcare Solutions is a large multidimensional healthcare computing company and a leading global provider of medical software solutions. The firm serves more than 350 physicians, 12 hospitals, and many group practices in the United States.

To meet customer demand and develop new and innovative products and capabilities, Complete Healthcare Solutions needed to expand its IT infrastructure, but doing so in house would have been complicated and expensive. The cloud was a much more attractive option, provided Complete Healthcare Solutions could find a HIPAA-compliant hosting provider that offered a dedicated, secure, nonshared computing environment.

In-house HIPAA compliant infrastructure would have involved up-front costs of $280,000 and considerable ongoing expenses, which was prohibitively expensive. Complete Healthcare Solutions instead chose to partner with Atlantic.Net and transitioned from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, which allowed Complete Healthcare Solutions to achieve the flexibility and performance they desired at an affordable price.

Complete Healthcare Solutions was able to deploy 15 new servers without incurring any capital expenses, eliminated the cost of in-house maintenance, and saved $500 per month by moving from VMWare vsphere hypervisors to a Xen-open source solution.

The custom solution provided by Atlantic.Net is scalable, robust, fast and has allowed Complete Healthcare Solutions to make considerable savings in terms of time and manpower. Atlantic.Net also helped migrate over 150 physicians to the new system within weeks and established wide area networking to connect remote offices and the corporate office to the core virtualized IT infrastructure at Atlantic.Net’s data center, ensuring a fast return on investment.


In 2005, Dr. Alan Dappen, MD developed an EMR software solution – Cerbo – after unsatisfactory experiences with three EHR systems. His solution was fast and allowed him to pull patient information and chart very quickly, but further development of the solution made it difficult to scale, given the level of manual processing required.

As more doctors adopted his solution, which was run on infrastructure within Dr. Dappen’s office, it soon became apparent that cloud-based infrastructure was required to ensure performance and compliance. Dr. Dappen tried hosting the solution with Rackspace, but despite the high cost, there were reliability issues and periodic outages. Nightly snapshots were often found to be corrupted and manual backups were performed that were time consuming and very expensive.

Cerbo was operated on a shared hosting model, and while the servers had dedicated CPU and memory resources, they were next to servers that were constantly accessing the disk, which made Cerbo appear sluggish. Virtually all companies Dr. Dappen approached were unable to provide a HIPAA-compliant hosting solution that matched his needs.

The ideal solution was hosting on his own private cloud infrastructure. Dr. Dappen approached Atlantic.Net and together they developed a custom scalable solution that would deliver reliability and performance in a cost-effective way, while meeting all HIPAA requirements. Cerbo started with one private cloud host in 2014 that contained about 25 clinics. Today, Cerbo has over 200 clinics, more than 700 users, and serves 150,000 patients.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait more than a couple of minutes to talk to a person, and usually a person who knew what the situation was and what we needed to do,” said Dr. Dappen.  “The uptime has been fantastic. I don’t think we’ve had any outage that Atlantic.Net was responsible for the whole time we’ve been with [them]. That’s been super good,” said Ben Dappen, CIO, Cerbo.

ShareSafe Solutions

ShareSafe Solutions is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company serving the healthcare industry. ShareSafe’s Unified Platform combines security, communication, education and accountability, with 5 separate products able to be provided individually to healthcare clients or as a turnkey, seamless integrated system.

Atlantic.Net has worked closely with ShareSafe to develop a hosting solution that was able to grow with the company and meet their changing business and IT needs. The functions and capabilities of ShareSafe solutions and the interactions between each of the 5 solutions made implementation a complicated task, especially while maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations.

The experienced engineers at Atlantic.Net worked closely with ShareSafe to develop a hosting solution that could match the company’s complex needs and deliver excellent performance and reliability. “Hosting within Atlantic.Net’s Cloud Hosting environment gives ShareSafe a unique opportunity to have scalable deployments for new clients configured and released in as little as four hours,” said John Beck, CTO/CSO ShareSafe Solutions.

When problems are experienced, rapid support and resolution is essential. Similar deployments had been set up with other vendors to evaluate support and response times. “There were two DDoS attacks last year where, on both occasions, our services were restored within five minutes at Atlantic.Net. With another vendor, we were down for up to four hours,” said Beck. “When I call Atlantic.Net, I speak with the technician that is directly working on my problem. We go to work together to tackle each issue. Neither of the other vendors operated this way. I don’t like blind spots, and with Atlantic.Net I get proactive summaries within minutes of me calling the data center because there is already a crash cart hooked up to my machines.”




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