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Celo Messaging App for Healthcare Teams

Celo is a free-to-use, secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging platform that is trusted by hundreds of healthcare organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand, where strict laws have been passed covering the communication of healthcare data.

The platform serves as an alternative to generic business and consumer-grade instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, which do not meet the privacy and security standards demanded by healthcare industry regulations.

Celo Messaging App for Healthcare Teams

The platform can be used by physicians, nurses, support workers, healthcare managers, and other healthcare professionals to quickly and easily collaborate and communicate, with the platform eliminating some of the common communication challenges in healthcare caused by the reliance on outdated methods of communication such as such as pagers, faxes, landlines, and email. The platform features a secure text messaging application and supports the transmission of images and videos, with all communications encrypted to ensure compliance with the HIPAA Rules.

The platform is free of charge to use by individuals and teams with a limited feature set, with the Celo Premium and Celo Enterprise packages available for a fee on a recurring periodic subscription basis. The Celo Secure messaging app is available for iOS and Android and can also be accessed via a secure web portal.

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Celo Secure Healthcare Messaging Platform Features

Celo The Celo secure messaging platform was developed by a medical doctor to solve the common communication challenges in healthcare and provide important features for healthcare organizations that are missing in many of the commercially available business and consumer text messaging applications.

Features of the secure messaging platform include:

Instant Onboarding

The platform features an easy-to-use interface that will be familiar to any user of consumer messaging applications and is intuitive and requires no end-user training. Users can set up verified workspaces and build a complete directory for their team and grow their clinical network and connect with other Celo members. The platform can be easily implemented by healthcare organizations to improve communication efficiency, and the platform supports BYOD policies.

Secure Messaging

Messages can be sent to anyone on the network without having to provide a personal phone number or email address. The platform allows healthcare professionals to quickly and easily collaborate and communicate with individuals and provide patient information to all members of the care team. Role-based messages can also be sent through the platform to avoid having to look up individuals in the directory.

Secure Sharing of Clinical Photos and Videos

The app can be used to take clinical photos and record patient videos, which are kept separate from the personal library on a device and can only be accessed through the platform. The app allows consent forms and other documents to be photographed from within the app and sent to the Celo Secure Library and transferred to the EHR.

Broadcast Messaging

The platform allows instant messages to be sent to the entire workforce in minutes using Celo Broadcast, with real-time metrics provided to administrative users on who has and has not read the messages.

Customizable Groups

Custom groups can be created for care teams to instantly communicate important information, create patient case discussion groups, and quickly see who has received and read messages.

On-Call integration

Messages can be delivered to the right individuals, at the right time, through on-call integration through the Celo Directory. The feature eliminates the need for users to call the switchboard to find on-call staff or make directory checks.


Real-time Reporting

The reporting dashboard provides administrative users with insights into day-to-day staff operations to help with resource allocation, improve health pathways and workflows, and for rostering optimization.

EHR Integration

The platform supports HL7 and FHIR integrations with the electronic medical record systems (EHRs), allows clinical images and patient notes to be populated into EHRs, with custom integrations offered to help mobilize EHRs and reduce the time clinicians need to spend sitting at workstations. Integration via RESTful APIs with multiple authentication measures is supported, including API Keys, Mutual SSL, and IP restrictions.


Microsoft Azure active geo-replication ensures secondary databases are located in different regions, allowing for failover in the event of a data center outage or other issues that prevent connection to the primary database.


All information is stored in the Celo encrypted database, with no patient data permanently stored on any user device. Photographs and videos can only be accessed through the platform and the Celo Secure library does not sync with any third-party servers or cloud services.

Any information captured or recorded through the app is only stored in the memory and is then transmitted via a secure encrypted channel to the server, with the Azure databases protected using transparent data encryption (TDE). After transmission, data are permanently removed from the device. In the event of the loss or theft of a mobile device, no sensitive data will be exposed. The app also supports 2-factor authentication with passcodes or biometrics.

The Celo secure healthcare messaging platform is compliant with:

  • HITECH Act
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • NHS DSP Toolkit & Information Governance

Celo uses Crest-accredited security partners for security and privacy testing, has achieved Cyber Essential certification, and uses the SOC 2 Certified MS Azure Cloud and an ISO 27001 Certified Data Center. Celo invites user organizations to run their own technical analyses on the platform.


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