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Addressing Communication Problems in Hospitals

Addressing communications problems in hospitals is one of the best ways of improving the treatment that is being provided for patients while eradicating the potential for serious mistakes to take place.

Recent research produced by TigerConnect, a provider of secure message platforms for healthcare groups, revealed that 52% of healthcare organizations included in the study suffer from issues with communications that negatively impact patients every day.

Issues like this have very serious consequences including low morale for healthcare workers, a poorer standard of treatment than is possible and the resulting bad reputation of a group due to this. The impact can range from slower delivery of procedures and treatments at one end of the scale to mistakes and cases of wrongful death at the other end of the scale.

The use of older technology such as pagers, fax machines and landline phones to arrange treatment or gather more information persists in many healthcare clinics. The research released by TigerConnect found that 89% of hospitals are still using fax machines and 39% are still using pagers for contact purposes.

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It is a common situation that there are a number of different messaging services in use, that are not 100% efficient or secure, when one modern system would be able to complete everything, compliantly, with much less hassle.

Even in those organizations that attempt to address the situation and modernise there service mistakes are made by not enacting change right throughout the group. This leads to envy among staff as some departments are able to improve their lot and that of their patients while they remain stuck with the older systems and the issue that they bring to the table.

A Harris poll of patients conducted in August 2019 found that those receiving care are just as put out by by inefficient communication in healthcare during hospital stays, visits, and by the methods providers are using to communicate with them.

Using a Secure messaging service like TigerConnect eliminates all of these issues while keeping all information 100% safe. So how does it work?

  • TigerConnect Safety: TigerConnect is similar to a typical messaging platform but includes a much higher level of security including automatic log-off, wiping remotely and required sign in. This means that in the event of a device going missing or being stolen those in possession of it will be unable to access anything with the log in details.
  • Host remote consultations: Telemedicine consultations with patients can be conducted, treatment team meetings can be held and the next course of actions have been chosen with all of the relevant information being shared between all parties. The audit trail of all communications, often a regulatory requirement, can also be saved if the secure messaging system is integrated with EMRs.
  • Team Messaging: Thanks to unlimited database segmentation and grouping – team messaging can be put in place that means updates go to everyone that needs them quickly in order to choose the next course of action in a patient’s treatment. Additionally it is possible for group smanager to see if anyone has not read the update so they can chase up on it.