Connectria Launches New Services Bringing IBM I and AIX to AWS and Azure

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The St. Louis-MO-based cloud services provider Connectria has launched four new services to help businesses running IBM i and AIX workloads to quickly and safely move to the cloud and run workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Connectria already provides businesses running IBM Power Systems with industry-leading IBM i Cloud and IBM AIX Cloud services, but the new services will allow them to safely move all their data center workloads to the cloud, including their legacy applications. The new services have been created to make it as easy as possible for businesses to safely and securely migrate to the cloud.

The new services – IBM i For AWS, IBM AIX For AWS, IBM i For Azure, & IBM AIX For Azure – include full data migration and planning services, risk mitigation, and comprehensive managed services and security to ensure reliability and security for customers’ cloud environments.

“Our customers want the flexibility to run the right workloads in the right clouds, but without sacrificing security, compliance, performance, or costs.  Our new solutions make this possible.  Best of all, they’re available today,” said Connectria President and CEO Rich Waidmann.

Each of the new Connectria services includes use of the TRiA Multi-Cloud Management Platform. TRiA allows its customers to monitor and manage their cloud environments and optimize those environments through a single pane of glass. TRiA helps Connectria customers ensure they get the best possible performance, monitor for security and compliance, and optimize multi-cloud environments to get the best possible ROI.

“The vast majority of the CIOs and CTOs we talk to don’t want to replace their core business applications running on IBM i or AIX, just so that they can move to the cloud,” said Rusty Putzler, Connectria’s Chief Operating Officer. “But they do want the benefits of the cloud in terms of flexibility, scalability, and avoiding capital outlays for equipment and data centers.  Our solutions enable this and bring the benefits of AWS and Azure to IBM i and IBM AIX customers under one umbrella.”

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