Content Filtering Solution

In order to ensure that the activity that takes place on the Internet in your organization does not in some way impact your databases, customers and staff you need to add a content filtering solution that will keep everything 100% no matter what type of cyberattacks you are faced with.

A content filter will stop staff from loading websites that typically are used to launch malicious attacks using malware and ransomware. In addition to this you can use it to block access to websites that can impact your activity in other ways including disabling access to web platforms associated with time wasting, such as social media and online shopping, and those that can seriously drain Internet speeds and bandwidth like video streaming or P2P file sharing websites.

Content Filter Considerations:

When you form a project team to consider bolstering your cybersecurity these are the features and aspects that you need to address in order to get what is best for you group:

  • Granularity: The solution that you opt for must be straightforward to configured and refine based on the needs of individual users and company departments. Make sure there are category and keyword-based web content filtering options available in order to accomplish this.
  • Scalability: The content filter you add must be able to grow as your business increases to avoid you being in a position where you may outgrow it and have to shift to a new solution. Avoid anything with bandwidth limits, set numbers of TCP connections or alternative tiers of subscription depending on the number of users registered.
  • Usability: Get something that is easy to use, requires little of no training and can be managed by a staff member who does not need to be a guru in information technology.
  • Compatibility: Work with your IT department to double check that everything you are paying for can be used with the hardware and software solutions that are already in place. This will make the installation and management much easier.
  • Configurability: Integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and Novell eDirectory will make it much easier to configure the filter for separate users while implementing AUPs should be straightforward and not time consuming.

Why you Need a Content Filtering Solutions

We have touched on this already and they range from the main aim which is to prevent the theft of data and money from your business to the loss of productivity or a network that is not working at optimals levels. Here we detail them more:

  • Enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies: The acceptable use policies (AUPs) of your business, designed to stop the abuse of Internet access rights by employees, can be added to the solution to stop any activity that may impact your group.
  • Enhancing Data Security: Content filtering is vital to stop access to content that is linked with hacking attempts. You require a content filter to stop hacking attempts with the installation of malicious files.
  • Addressing Bandwidth Draining:: It is important to have an Internet service in place that is not impacted by slower load speeds as a result of employees using bandwidth heavy services. Using a filter to limit access to web portals that affect bandwidth including video platforms, online gaming portals and file sharing services you will be able to protect the integrity of your bandwidth.

Content filtering solutions can also put in place access to certain services, like those mentioned in point 3 above, during allocated times during the day – such as during lunch breaks.