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DNS Security for ISPs

There are many providers of DNS security for ISPs who can provide a filtered internet service to protect against phishing, malware, ransomware and other web-based threats. ISPs that take advantage of these services can better protect their clients and win more business.

If ISPs can eliminate phishing and malware threats effectively, they can help their healthcare clients meet their compliance requirements and prevent costly data breaches. The number of data breaches being reported to regulators show healthcare organizations need as much help as they can get at managing risk and blocking cyber threats.

Healthcare organizations can implement a range of cybersecurity solutions to secure their networks, but the web is a weak point that is often exploited by cybercriminals to deliver malware and phish for login credentials. This is an area where ISPs can help.

DNS security for ISPs means better protecting clients. Offering a secure internet service where threats are identified and blocked at source before any content is accessed will help ease the burden on clients’ IT security teams. That will be a major selling point when trying to find new healthcare clients.

It is easy to find a service provider that can secure the DNS and provide a filtered internet service but finding a service at a price than makes internet filtering profitable can be a major challenge. The price for DNS filtering can vary considerably from provider to provider and content control and DNS security can therefore be expensive for ISPs.

Many web filtering solutions for ISPs also lack flexibility and have not been built with ISPs and other service providers in mind. Web filtering solutions can be labor-intensive, costly to implement and maintain, and they can lack flexibility.

Being able to host a DNS filtering solution within your own environment is a huge plus, but not all service providers allow this. The ability to rebrand a DNS filtering solution is also important. This allows you to apply your own content control settings and block phishing, malware, and illegal web content for all clients, but also sell enhanced filtering services to clients under your own brand. This add on service can help you improve revenues, while giving your clients the ability to apply their own controls over web content for their wired and wireless networks.

Choose the right DNS filtering provider and you can have the opportunity to reinforce your brand, better serve your customers, and improve security while increasing your revenues.

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