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EdgeWave Launches New Cloud-Based Web Security Solution

EdgeWave has announced the launch of its new enterprise-class web security solution – Cloud Endpoint Security. The web security solution has been developed for enterprise users to secure their endpoints by blocking advanced persistent threats, viruses, ransomware, malware and botnets. The solution can also be configured to block categories of web content that is unacceptable for use in the workplace.

There are massive benefits to be gained from allowing end users to access the Internet, although Internet access is far from risk free. Organizations that allow Internet access need to manage risk effectively, which means the use of security solutions that can block access to malicious web content. The new cloud-based web security solution allows enterprises to carefully control the types of web content that employees can access, while blocking a wide-range of web based threats.

The solution can be used to protect users and their devices while connected to on premise and off premise networks, creating a safe browsing environment with close to zero latency. The solution is idea for enterprises with a large proportion of remote workers, ensuring the risk of using wireless hotspots is effectively managed, without requiring users to connect via VPNs.

Edgewave reports that higher education networks are three times more likely to be infected with malware than government or enterprise networks. To ensure that educational institutions can protect their networks and end users, remote web security is being offered to schools, universities, and other academic institutions free of charge. To protect laptops without the use of a VPN, a software solution is downloaded onto each device which offers the same level of protection as the firm’s enterprise-grade security solutions.

“EdgeWave’s mission is enabling safe and productive access to the massive benefits of the internet. Our industry leading cloud technology lets us offer a version of our enterprise cloud security at no cost to those who are among the most important institutions in our country, the schools and universities that are educating our children and budding professionals. It is an honor for us to do so,” said Dave Maquera, CEO and President, EdgeWave.

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