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Email Protection Software

Email protection software is one of the most important cybersecurity solutions to implement. Email is the most common vector used to gain initial access to internal networks, either through phishing or the installation of malware, both of which most commonly occur via email.

Email protection software is now a must for businesses of all types and sizes. While some businesses will be too small to be actively targeted by hackers, many email attacks are indiscriminate so anyone can fall victim. Successful attacks can be incredibly costly to resolve. The IBM Cost of a Data Breach report for 2022 shows the average cost of a data breach is now $4.35 million.

Why You Should Look Beyond Standard Email Protection Tools

If you use Microsoft Office 365 or Google’s Gmail, you will be provided with a degree of protection against spam, phishing emails, and malware. These commercial email solutions incorporate spam filters and antivirus software that will block a reasonable percentage of malicious and spam emails. The problem is the email protection software included with standard licenses fails to provide sufficient protection against more advanced email threats. This is why Microsoft offers a premium email security product as an add-on (paid for) service to better protect businesses.

The main area where these packages fall down is the ability to detect zero-day threats – emerging threats that have yet to be identified as malicious. Bear in mind that new threats are constantly emerging, new variants of malware are being released at an incredible rate, and all it takes is for one of those threats to arrive in an inbox and be opened by an employee for not only their device to be compromised but also the network to which that device connects.

If you want to protect against the full range of threats, you will need to use more advanced email security software that incorporates many more layers of protection than those offered by email providers. If you choose TitanHQ’s email protection software, these layers of protection will be added on top of those provided for free by your email provider and will ensure that even sophisticated email threats are blocked before they can do any harm.

TitanHQ Email Protection Software

TitanHQ has been providing email security software for more than 20 years and a great deal has changed in that time. When the company first started providing email security solutions, one of the most pressing reasons for using email protection software – or email security appliances – was to block spam email, which had grown into a major problem for businesses by the year 2000, and computer viruses and worms were starting to become a major problem.

In 2000, spam made up around 8% of all emails, but the volume of spam emails started to soar reaching a peak of around 90% of all emails in 2009. Since then, spam volume has been steadily reducing and today, spam email accounts for around 45% of email volume. Spam is a major drain on productivity if it is not blocked, but there are far bigger threats. Malware, ransomware, viruses, and botnets all use email as one of the main delivery vectors, and email phishing attacks have increased at an incredible rate. Phishing and malspam emails have increased in sophistication as well as number and businesses need more advanced defenses to block these email threats.

SpamTitan from TitanHQ

SpamTitan is an advanced email security solution for SMBs and MSPs that makes it easy to defend against all types of email-based attacks. The product suite consists of three solutions:

  • SpamTitan Cloud – Cloud-delivered email protection software
  • SpamTitan Gateway – On-premises email protection software delivered as a virtual appliance for installation on existing hardware
  • SpamTitan Plus – The premium anti-spam and anti-phishing solution that provides industry-leading protection against phishing attacks.

SpamTitan incorporates multiple layers of protection against all email-based threats, with independent tests confirming a 99.97% spam detection rate and a very low false positive rate of 0.003%. SpamTitan incorporates two antivirus engines for detecting known malware threats and sandboxing that provides behavioral detection for identifying zero-day malware threats.

The solution incorporates link scanning to identify malicious links in emails and machine learning capabilities for identifying zero-day phishing threats. In addition to providing exceptional protection, the solution is quick and easy to implement, use, and maintain. Advanced users have access to a wealth of information to conduct investigations into threats, but even users with little technical skill can easily setup, use, and manage their email protection. The solution is also a multi-tenanted platform that makes it easy for MSPs to provide advanced email protection to their clients, with a host of MSP-friendly features.

SpamTitan is consistently rated highly by genuine users of the solution on independent software review sites such as Capterra, Expert Insights, and G2 for ease of use, ease of maintenance, protection, customer service, and price.

Email Protection Software Alone is No Longer Sufficient

As good as SpamTitan is at blocking email threats, email protection software alone is no longer sufficient. Phishing attacks mostly occur via email, but they can also occur via SMS messages, instant messaging platforms, and over the telephone. Email protection software will not block threats through these communication channels. Further, the increasingly sophisticated nature of phishing threats means some email threats will inevitably reach inboxes.

Cybersecurity professionals agree that the best approach when it comes to protecting against cyber threats is to implement multiple layers of protection. In addition to email protection software, you should consider using a web filter. A web filter blocks access to known malicious websites, such as web pages that are used to phish for credentials or distribute malware. With a web filter, when an attempt is made to visit one of those websites, the connection to that resource is refused. TitanHQ’s WebTitan Cloud solution blocks access to known malicious websites and gives businesses complete control over the content users can access via their wired and wireless networks.

Invest in Security Awareness Training to Create a Human Firewall

To combat other types of phishing and cyberattacks, businesses need to invest in human defenses and the workforce should be provided with regular security awareness training. Security awareness training is concerned with teaching employees cybersecurity best practices and eradicating risky behaviors. A key component is teaching employees how to recognize and avoid phishing emails and other threats.

TitanHQ offers a comprehensive security awareness training platform called SafeTitan. SafeTitan has an extensive library of fun, engaging, and interactive training content, delivered in modules of no more than 10 minutes. The platform also includes quizzes to test knowledge and a phishing simulator for conducting phishing simulations on the workforce. SafeTitan is the only security awareness training platform that delivers training in real-time in response to the behavior of employees. If an employee fails a phishing simulation or makes another security error, the platform automatically assigns a relevant training module to correct the risky behavior in real-time.

For more information on email protection, security awareness training, and other cybersecurity solutions to improve your security posture, give the TitanHQ team a call today.