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GFI Software Announces New Distribution Agreement with Infinigate

The network security and communications software provider GFI Software has signed a new distribution agreement with Infinigate Group.

GFI Software already has a distribution agreement with Infinigate covering the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Scandinavia. The new agreement is intended to help the company increase its market presence in France.

“We have established successful business partnerships with Infinigate group across many European markets,” said Thomas Witting, VP Global Distribution Sales at GFI Software. “The addition of Infinigate France to the European GFI distribution landscape will enable an easy and competent access to the GFI product catalog through an experienced distributor with both international expertise and local market knowledge.”

The new agreement will allow Infinigate to provide resellers and customers in France with greater value, by creating new and unique offerings to help resellers serving the French market create new profit opportunities and boost sales. Infinigate will be helping resellers with sales programs and will also provide access to credit, training and development to help them better serve their customers and protect them from the ever-increasing range of cyber threats.

The decision to use Infinigate to expand GFI Software’s market footprint is France is based on the experience of the distributer, its local market knowledge, international expertise, and the successes the two companies have achieved in other European markets.

It has been a successful year for GFI Software following the launch of GFI Unlimited a year ago. GFI Unlimited is a package of security solutions for SMBs which provides them with access to a comprehensive range of communications and security solutions for a flat subscription fee. The package also allows MSPs and resellers to provide a comprehensive range of security solutions to better protect their customers, while growing their own businesses and achieving a consistent and predictable monthly revenue.

“We are always looking at ways to better serve our resellers, bringing the latest products and services to market, so that they can better support their customers,” said Stephanie Kayser, Managing Director at Infinigate France. “GFI Unlimited offer combined with exciting growth plans is set to unlock enhanced value to both our resellers and their customers. We can’t wait to get started in France.”

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