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Halifax County Public Health System Achieves HIPAA Compliance

Halifax County Public Health System (HCPHS) has been confirmed as having implemented an effective HIPAA compliance program by Compliancy Group.

HCPHS is part of the North Carolina Public Health statewide system and promotes and contributes to the highest possible level of health for the residents of Halifax County through programs related to child health, communicable disease, environmental health, family planning, health education, immunization, maternal health, vital records, and WIC.

HCPHS provides community health, disease prevention, health services, and health promotion programs while protecting communities – not just individuals – from undesired outcomes such as communicable diseases, epidemics, and contaminated food and water and works daily to reduce the impact of chronic and oral diseases.

Ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data is of paramount importance to HCPHS, which is why HCPHS took the decision to partner with Compliancy Group and ensure its policies and practices were fully compliant with the regulatory standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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Compliancy Group’s HIPAA compliance process allows HIPAA-regulated entities to methodically ensure compliance with the HIPAA Rules and the HITECH Act, with progress along the compliance journey, tracked using Compliancy Group’s proprietary software solution – The Guard. Compliancy Group has developed a 6-stage risk analysis and remediation process, and after completing that process, the good faith effort of its clients toward HIPAA compliance is assessed by Compliancy Group’s HIPAA subject matter experts.

After the successful completion of that process, HCPHS was confirmed to be adhering to the necessary regulatory standards outlined in the HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Security Rule, HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, HIPAA Omnibus Rule, and the HITECH Act and was awarded the HIPAA Seal of Compliance which demonstrates HCPHS’s commitment to ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive personal and protected health information.

Author: Steve Alder is the editor-in-chief of HIPAA Journal. Steve is responsible for editorial policy regarding the topics covered on HIPAA Journal. He is a specialist on healthcare industry legal and regulatory affairs, and has several years of experience writing about HIPAA and other related legal topics. Steve has developed a deep understanding of regulatory issues surrounding the use of information technology in the healthcare industry and has written hundreds of articles on HIPAA-related topics.