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iland Expands and Enhances its Global Channel Sales Program

iland, a provider of VMware-based secure, cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, is expanding and enhancing its global channel sales program due to increased customer demand and significant partner growth.

Initially, iland was focused on helping small- and mid-sized companies by implementing and testing cloud-based infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery solutions when they lacked the resources to do it alone; however, the company is now serving a much broader customer base including enterprise customers through a network of managed service providers and resellers.

The expansion of its channel sales program includes a new partner portal for training, certification, and sales management to help partners meet the needs of their customers and generate more sales. Partners are also given a free cloud assessment tool to help them manage data and cloud workloads effectively and efficiently and simplify the journey to the cloud. The Catalyst cloud assessment tool helps customers determine the required bandwidth and capacity and right-size their cloud environment to minimize cost, whether that is for a first venture into the cloud or for new cloud projects.

For companies that are just embarking on their journey to the cloud, the tools offered by iland and the expertise of its staff makes the transition as safe, simple, and painless as possible. The company also helps more established cloud adopters take advantage of new opportunities and generate new revenue streams.

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Through the new partner portal, iland will be helping to train partners and give them the tools they need to generate sales, providing a single source for certifications, courses, and marketing toolkits. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for partners to identify leads and generate sales, while also giving them greater visibility into the sales pipeline.

Under the new program iland is offering partners three options: referral of customers to iland and collect regular, recurring commissions, resell all iland services, or to combine iland solutions into other service offerings.

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