What is the Impact of poor communication in Healthcare?

Poor communication in hospitals is experienced by an estimated 52% of healthcare groups according to a recent study conducted by TigerConnect.

Such communications issues have a huge impact on the ability of a hospital or healthcare clinic to provide a high standard of treatment for their patients. Much more than an annoyance, poor communication leads to issues in treatment coordination and potential for inadequate care. There is also an issue with it creating a morale issue in workers and confidence issue in patients.

In worst case scenarios, issues with healthcare communications can lead to mistakes in treatment and possible cases of wrongful death.

Most healthcare providers still use outdated forms of communication like pagers and fax machines to help them collaborate when providing care to a patient. Landlines are also still in play. The research produced by TigerConnect indicates that:

  • 89% of hospitals still have fax machines in use
  • 39% employ pagers to contact some staff and departments

This is despite the fact that these solutions are not 100% secure and the availability of a solution that can do all necessary tasks while remaining 100% secure from infiltration.

In some cases groups have opted to implement modern solutions, like TigerConnect secure messaging, another issue is creates as it is not instantled deployed right across the entity, This leads to situations where some members of staff have the new solution that makes work easier while other remain stuck with the outdated technology. This would result in a serious lag in some communications and further low morale and resentment among staff members.

Can TigerConnect work the same as WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger to reduce the impact of ineffective communication in healthcare?

TigerConnect does work similarly to the other messaging solutions available, however it includes many more security features that mean it is 100%safe and compliant with all regulatory requirements. These features include automatic log-off and remote wiping that tackles any potential unauthorized transmitting of ePHI when the theft of a mobile device takes place or even if it is just lost by a staff member.. TigerConnect always requires users to log in before they can access anything that is protected.

Can you Share messages to all members of groups at once?

This is possible using TigerConnect as it allows unlimited database segmentation and grouping to be conducted. This means that staff members can be placed in a group and be sent all relevant updates for their role(s). This means that changes to policies or regulatory requirements can be communicated quickly and managers will be able to double check if every member of staff has been made aware of, and read, them.

Are remote consultations that are legally compliant be conducted using TigerConnect?

Remote consultation can be hosted using TigerConnect. This is good news in relation to telemedicine consultations, remote face-to-face care team planning sessions and all forms of communication that can make a course of treatment easier for a patient. The use of an EMR in tandem with this solution means that an audit trail is in place to track all communications should it ever be needed in future.