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Businesses are adopting Microsoft Office 365 at an incredible rate, but many find Office 365 protection against phishing attacks and malware leaves a lot to be desired. Microsoft does include Exchange Online Protection (EOP) as standard with Office 365, but the level of protection provided by EOP is only reasonable at best. The volume of phishing emails that are still delivered to inboxes protected by EOP has forced many businesses to look for alternative security solutions for their Office 365 environments.

A recent study by Avanan showed just how many phishing emails bypass Office 365 protections – In its tests, 25% of phishing attempts were not blocked by Microsoft’s Office 365 protection measures. Independent tests performed by SE Labs also showed that even with Advanced Threat Protection (APT), Microsoft’s second-tier add-on level of protection, users can only expect protection at the low to middle market level.

For protection against sophisticated phishing attacks, email impersonation attacks, and zero-day threats, a third-party Office 365 security solution is required. One that can be layered on top of EOP and APT to provide greater protection from advanced phishing attacks and never-before-seen malware and ransomware variants.

A Defense in Depth Approach from TitanHQ

The key to email security is defense in depth. With multiple cybersecurity solutions in place, if one layer of your security fails, the other layers are there to pick up the slack. TitanHQ offers a defense-in-depth solution through SpamTitan Email Security for Office 365.

SpamTitan incorporates many layers of protection that work in tandem with EOP to block more threats. The extra layers of protection are now essential. New malware variants are being released at an astonishing rate. According to the independent IT security institute, AV-TEST, on average, 350,000 new malware threats are detected each day, and cybercriminals are constantly developing new phishing scams and testing them against Office 365 protections to make sure they pass through unimpeded. If you want to block these threats, you need the advanced level of Office 365 protection provided by SpamTitan.

How SpamTitan Blocks Advanced Phishing and Malware Threats

Signature-based detection methods are not effective at blocking zero-day threats. Predictive techniques are needed to identify new malware variants and novel phishing attacks.

SpamTitan provides this level of protection through heuristics, Bayesian analysis, and machine learning technology, which are capable of identifying new types of phishing and spear-phishing attacks and zero-day malware variants. Heuristic rules detect phishing based on the message headers and message content. Those rules are frequently updated to ensure novel phishing attacks are quickly identified and blocked.

SpamTitan performs an advanced analysis of embedded hyperlinks and compares these against multiple reputations to provide protection against the web-based element of phishing attacks. When email attachments are received that cannot be verified as benign, they are sent to a Bitdefender-powered sandbox where they are studied in detail for any malicious activities.

SpamTitan can be deployed as a gateway solution on a virtual machine within your own environment or as a cloud-based solution located in TitanHQ’s cloud or your own private cloud. Regardless of the deployment option, setup is a quick and easy process that takes just a few minutes. Once implemented, users can set spam confidence levels from permissive to highly aggressive at the domain, user-group, or user level. This is made easy thanks to integration with Active Directory and LDAP.

SpamTitan has a low maintenance overhead and is essentially a set and forget solution that will help keep your Office 365 inboxes protected without you having to commit time and effort to maintain. You may think that such a powerful, easy-to-use, and easy to maintain email security solution will cost a small fortune, but you will likely be pleasantly surprised at the cost. You can protect all of your mailboxes with SpamTitan for less than the cost of APT and get even better protection from the full range of email-based threats.

If you want to improve Office 365 protection from advanced phishing, spear-phishing and zero-day threats, give TitanHQ a call today and take the first step toward improving the security of your Office 365 environment.


Who are TitanHQ?

TitanHQ is an Irish cybersecurity firm that has been providing security solutions to businesses and managed service providers for more than two decades. TitanHQ’s product portfolio covers email security DNS-based web security, email encryption, and email archiving. Its email and web security solutions identify more than 100,000 new malware sites every day via a threat intelligence database of 650 million users., and its solutions are trusted by more than 14,500 businesses and 3,000 managed service providers.

What are the different SpamTitan deployment options?

SpamTitan is available as a cloud-hosted email security solution, as an email security gateway – a software solution supplied as a virtual appliance that can be run on existing hardware, as an additional protection for Office 365 to layer on top of the free Microsoft EOP service to improve security, and as a multi-tenant solution for managed service providers.

What is SpamTitan Plus?

SpamTitan Plus is a new offering from TitanHQ that incorporates all the features of the standard SpamTitan offerings, with superior protection against malicious links in emails. SpamTitan Plus is TitanHQ’s most advanced anti-phishing solution with AI-driven time-of-click protection, 100% coverage of ALL current market-leading anti-phishing feeds, and 1.6x faster phishing detections than the current market leaders.

Is SpamTitan available on a free trial?

TitanHQ allows all prospective customers to try the full SpamTitan product free of trial for 30 days, with no obligation to continue after the trial ends. The trial includes full technical support for the duration of the trial and a SpamTitan engineer will be happy to review your configuration and make recommendations to help you get the most out of the product during the trial.

How much does SpamTitan cost

The price depends on the number of active mailboxes that need protection and the length of the subscription. The pricing policy is transparent and simple, with the full solution and support provided for the price with no add-ons. Discounts are provided for longer commitments and the per-user cost decreases with the number of users. The starting price for 100 users for a 1-year subscription is currently $1.08 per user, per month.

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