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Extra Bonus: HIPAA Compliance Guide

Please free free to download our HIPAA Compliance Guide

Click here to download HIPAA Compliance Guide
(2.6MB, PDF document, 65 pages)

HIPAA Compliance Guide

  1. Introduction to HIPAA
    Overview of HIPAA
  2. The Background and Objectives of HIPAA
    A brief history of HIPAA including the points at which complimentary legislation was introduced
  3. The HIPAA Privacy Rule
    What is the Privacy Rule? What is PHI? What circumstances does the Privacy Rule cover?
  4. The HIPAA Security Rule
    The administrative, physical and technical safeguards that make up the HIPAA Security Rule
  5. The HIPAA Notification Rule – What to do in the Event of a Breach
    The procedures you need to follow if patient healthcare information is compromised
  6. The HIPAA Enforcement Rule – How is HIPAA-Compliance Enforced?
    Understanding HIPAA audits, enforcement, penalties and Business Associate obligations
  7. Secure Communications and HIPAA Compliance
    The highest risk of a breach comes from accidental disclosure. This section details how you can reduce risks and achieve HIPAA compliance
  8. The Benefit of HIPAA Compliance Tools
    When HIPAA compliance tools are implemented they bring a number of important benefits!