Secure Block Storage (SBS) Now Available for Atlantic.Net Cloud Servers

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Atlantic.Net, a leading provider of hosting and hosting services to the healthcare industry, has announced the release of Secure Block Storage (SBS) for its cloud servers. The new feature allows Atlantic.Net customers to attach additional storage drives to their cloud servers and easily scale their workloads.

SMS allows customers to increase storage on the fly and move data between cloud servers. For total security, data is automatically encrypted at rest and SMS has been designed to provide 99.999% availability. To protect against data loss due to component failure, volumes are automatically replicated multiple times to ensure data can always be recovered.

SBS has been developed to be highly scalable, highly redundant, easily accessible, and easy to use. SBS can be used for file, application, database, or backup storage and is available to all customers on demand. Initially, Atlantic.Net is launching SBS with an initial deal of 50GB of SMB free for one year and a rate of 7.9 cents per additional GB per month.

“Here at Atlantic.Net, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing our customers with cutting-edge tools at cost-effective prices. Combining the capacity of enterprise hard drives with NVMe SSD drives, SBS offers the perfect balance of capacity and performance for any customer’s storage needs,” said Marty Puranik, CEO and President of Atlantic.Net. “Rolling out our SBS system at up to 11x the performance of the competition solidifies us as the price and performance leader for the most popular storage tier.”

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