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SecureLink Launches Enterprise Administrator App for Mobile Devices

SecureLink has announced the release of the SecureLink Enterprise Administrator App. The new app can be downloaded onto Android and iOS smartphones and tablets via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app allows users to easily and securely manage vendor access requests, directly from the mobile device.

“This new app is part of our ongoing mobile strategy,” said Rob Palermo, vice president of product for SecureLink. “We recently announced our SecureLink Authenticator App to enable multi-factor authentication, and we are now extending our mobile ecosystem with an app designed for enterprise administrators to quickly and easily manage vendors accessing their network.”

The SecureLink Enterprise Administrator App supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) and allows administrators to quickly set up MFA for all vendors accessing their networks and applications. Time constraints can be set through the app for remote access, by day, hour, or minute.

Three types of access request can be managed directly through the app:

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  • Vendor access requests: Approval or rejection of a vendor access request
  • Application access requests: Approval or rejection of a request to access a specific application
  • Vendor account disabled: Approval or rejection of a request to reinstate a vendor’s access to the network

If a request is rejected, a text field can be used to add context to the rejection and provide other useful information.

“Third-party remote access is the biggest threat to an enterprise’s network,” added Palermo. “We will continue to innovate around products and services that mitigate that risk. The SecureLink Enterprise Administrator App continues to reinforce our commitment to the best possible security platform while removing the complexities of managing multiple vendors and customers.”

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