SpamTitan Launches New Email Archiving Solution for Healthcare

With the launch of ArcTitan, small and medium sized healthcare organizations now have a cost-effective and secure means of archiving important email correspondence.

Although HIPAA does not stipulate that emails containing PHI should be archived, many medical practices and facilities choose to archive email correspondence in order that it can be retrieved at a later date if required. Secure email archiving also enables healthcare organizations to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule regulations relating to maintaining the integrity of PHI and accessibility.

However, email archiving does not always come cheap. Many small and medium sized healthcare organizations find that they are many hundreds of dollars per year for archiving solutions that may have limitations or lack the required standard of encryption to be HIPAA compliant. SpamTitan Technologies – a leading provider of anti-spam software – claims that its new email archiving solution, ArcTitan, is different.

Due to there being many different types of email servers, ArcTitan has been designed to work with most existing corporate email servers – including MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, Kerio, MDeamon, Zimbra, Google Apps, and Office 365. It offers unlimited cloud-based email archiving with full email audit capabilities and an Outlook plug in that enables authorized users to search the archived database – manually, in safe search mode or by using an automated search option.

Ronan Kavanagh – the company´s CEO – said “ArcTitan provides a simple yet powerful solution to offload email storage, streamline search and meet compliance needs.” He explained that the ArcTitan email archiving solution is simple to access, requires little administrative effort, and give users permissions-based access to email messages while promising complete peace of mind. Among the benefits that Mr. Kavanagh was keen to highlight:

• ArcTitan provides robust and redundant hosting, as the infrastructure is built on Amazon´s Virtual Private Cloud and regularly backed up.
• Email is encrypted to HIPAA standards – TLS encryption while in transit and AES encryption when at rest. Hashed and encrypted passwords are used to control access.
• ArcTitan removes the cost of provisioning and management of email or upgrading hardware to increase storage space.
• The email archiving solution can also be used as part of a Disaster Recovery program if ever an on premises email server is destroyed.

ArcTitan is available immediately with generous discounts available to existing SpamTitan customers. Further details about the email archiving solution can be found at or, for information and enquiries, email [email protected]

Author: Steve Alder has many years of experience as a journalist, and comes from a background in market research. He is a specialist on legal and regulatory affairs, and has several years of experience writing about HIPAA. Steve holds a B.Sc. from the University of Liverpool.