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TigerConnect Announces New Partnership and integration with OpenTempo

TigerConnect, the leading provider of clinical communications solutions in the United States, has announced a new partnership and system integration with OpenTempo.

OpenTempo is a leading physician scheduling and clinical labor analytics platform. The platform provides powerful analytics and productivity tracking tools that help healthcare providers optimize physician scheduling, improve efficiency, and increase clinician satisfaction by providing greater transparency into their work assignments.

The partnership with TigerConect has seen the company’s HIPAA-compliant text, voice, and video communications solution integrated into the OpenTempo platform. Customers that sign up to both OpenTempo and TigerConnect can use TigerConnect to send role-based and individual text messages and initiate video and voice calls without leaving the OpenTempo platform.

The integration sees designated roles in TigerConnect paired with OpenTempo, which makes it much easier to track down on-call physicians and also eliminates the need for whiteboards and printed schedules.

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The TigerConnect platform can be used by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers to communicate in a secure manner. The platform allows PHI such as medical images to be sent to all members of the care team and for patient discussions to take place in a fully HIPAA-compliant manner. However, the platform alone will not sort out all communications issues in hospitals.

What is needed is integrations with other solutions such as OpenTempo. By pairing the communications platform with the scheduling software, users can be sure they can quickly find the right person at the right time.

“It’s critical that communication tools like TigerConnect have visibility into the clinical resources that are available at any given time within the physician and staff scheduling environment,” said Andy Comeau, Chief Executive Officer at OpenTempo. “The integration between OpenTempo and TigerConnect facilitates needed communication between providers. We are thrilled to take this step in improving provider’s ability to communicate efficiently.”

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