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TigerConnect Announces New QGenda Integration

Customers of QGenda, the leading provider of automated, cloud-based scheduling software, can now easily obtain the full benefits of the TigerConnect secure healthcare communications platform now that the two solutions have been integrated.

The new integration ensures QGenda users can instantly access staff schedules embedded in the workflow and quickly and accurately communicate with all members of the care team in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

The TigerConnect Connection Hub has been integrated into QGenda On-Call to allow data and critical communications to be intelligently routed to individuals or designated care teams in real time. This ensures information can be accessed, shared, and acted upon in the shortest possible time frame. The integration allows communication by voice, text, or video call from the point of care via healthcare professionals’ smartphones.

QGenda On-Call is an innovative solution that improves access to on-call schedules and creates a single source of truth on on-call providers and staff. Through the platform, all members of the care team can find out who is on-call and how they can be reached.

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The integration with TigerConnect allows on-call information to be communicated quickly and efficiently with all members of the care team, reducing reliance on whiteboards and printed schedules. A quick and easy lookup will show which physicians, nurses, and specialists are on call and one-touch communication via text, voice, or video call.

“Seamlessly populating QGenda’s On-Call Scheduling via our Connection Hub allows us to automate the communication delivery process end-to-end, which drives tremendous value for our shared clients,” said Brad Brooks, Co-founder and CEO of TigerConnect.

Through the platform, physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals are connected, regardless of where they are located. Since the system connects to Systems of Record, information can be rapidly exchanged meet a patient’s needs.

“This alliance will benefit our mutual customers by bringing greater efficiencies, including time savings and improved provider performance,” said Jim Norton, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of QGenda.

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