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TigerConnect Announces TigerTouch Patient Communication Solution

TigerConnect has announced a series of enhancements to its clinical communications and collaboration (CC&C) platform ahead of the 2019 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Symposium event in Orlando, Florida,

This is far from a routine update of the CC&C platform. Several major updates are soon to be rolled out, including the addition of TigerTouch: A communications solution that allows healthcare professionals to communicate directly with patients by text, voice, or video calls in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

The new Tigerconnect feature was developed in response to requests from healthcare providers already using the Tigerconnect platform. Large healthcare systems had expressed interest in brining patients into the care conversation and requested a solution from Tigerconnect to help engage patients on their mobile devices.

According to Tigerconnect, healthcare providers that adopt the platform and give their physicians, nurses, case managers, and home health caregivers a quick, easy, and secure method of communicating with patients will improve patient safety and outcomes, reduce costs, and improve staff satisfaction.

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By bringing patients into the care conversation, readmission rates can be reduced, pre-op preparation improved, and more frequent communication with patients has been shown to improve overall population health. Nurses can use the platform to make a virtual bedside visit from any location. The platform also allows supports group communication, which means the entire care team can participate in a group session, no matter where the patient and care team members are located.

“Our vision is to become the communication fabric across every large health system, beyond just the acute care setting,” said Tigerconnect co-founder and CEO, Brad Brooks. “Those that adopt our platform now have the ability to provide better care, streamline operations, and save millions in avoidable costs, while making physicians, nurses, and patients happier.”

In contrast to most patient engagement solutions, with TigerTouch it is the care team that decides when to involve a patient in a conversation. With most platforms it is the patient who initiates contact. The new approach allows healthcare professionals to select the best time to bring the patient into the conversation, at a time that is best for all concerned.

Tigerconnect will be showcasing the new feature and other enhancements to the Tigerconnect platform at HIMSS 2019.

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