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TigerText, Geisinger, and George Washington Hospital Form New Patient Safety Committee

TigerText has announced the creation of a new multi-organizational Patient Safety Committee for hospitals and health systems using clinical communication and collaboration technologies.

The new Committee consists of executives from TigerText, George Washington University Hospital, and the integrated health services organization Geisinger. The Committee will work together to identify new best practices for clinical communications tools and will develop notification and alert protocols and beta testing to create a safe patient environment.

The Committee will meet every quarter to discuss strategies and best practices to improve patient safety and determine how the use of new, advanced communication and collaboration technology can enhance the delivery care and improve outcomes.

Medical Director of Geisinger In Motion, Dr. Jonathan Slotkin, has accepted the position of Committee Chair after being nominated by TigerText.

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“I am thrilled that TigerText approached me to lead this initiative,” said Dr. Slotkin at the inaugural meeting of the Committee in late November. “Geisinger leverages TigerText as the communication platform for our care teams, and secure messaging is key to our mobile strategy. We plan to use this opportunity to document patient safety protocols for key events. Most importantly, as we embrace a new set of tools and processes, we want to ensure we optimize this moment to further enhance patient safety,”

Geisinger’s Chief Informatics Officer, Dr. Alistair Erskine told the Committee that “addressing patient safety in regards to communication tools is a journey for the strong. However, it will provide us with a tremendous opportunity to share, learn and package best practices.”

George Washington University Hospital has implemented the TigerText platform to help improve the quality of care provided to patients. TigerText group messaging has been leveraged to further foster care team collaboration and communication across the hospital. “We are looking forward to partnering with other leaders on this committee as we continue to identify ways we can use this advanced technology to enhance our delivery of care,” said Marvin Onyemaechi, Director, Information Technology Operations.

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