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TigerText Secure Messaging Platform Update Helps Optimize Clinical Workflow

TigerText, the leading HIPAA-compliant secure text messaging platform provider, has announced a new release of its platform. The updated version of the TigerText platform includes a host of new features that improve usability and help reduce the costs of care delivery and improve clinical workflow efficiency.



The new features include an automatic message forwarding function, priority messaging feature and a new standalone desktop application. The desktop app helps healthcare professionals coordinate patient care more efficiently and speed up the exchange of information.

TigerText collects comments from platform users via its voice-of-the-customer program. Hundreds of comments have been submitted which were reviewed and evaluated by the product development team. Requests for updates and new features were prioritized to ensure the most beneficial changes were brought to market quickly.

The full list of updates for Android, iOS and desktop applications are detailed below:

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New Desktop App: The new app includes automatic updates and alerts and allows the TigerText messaging platform to be accessed from any desktop computer, Mac or laptop

Priority Messaging: Users can now send high priority messages which will always appear at the top of a users’ inboxes. To ensure users are made aware of the arrival of a high priority message, a distinctive ringtone can be set to differentiate high priority messages from standard communications.

Auto-forwarding: Users can set ‘Do not Disturb’ mode on their inboxes. Messages will be forwarded to a nominated member of the care team.

Connection Status Banner: Users can now see when connectivity is low or not available.

Spotlight Search by Titan and Role: The platform now includes iOS Spotlight Search capability allowing contacts to be searched by title or role.

Rooms: An internal community forum has been added allowing users to communicate information of interest to groups of users.

Active Indicator: The platform now includes an indicator to show when co-workers are present and available.

Improvements to message transfer speed: New protocols have been used in the latest version of the platform that speed up message delivery. The new platform delivers messages 10 times faster.

Search and Directory: Users can search the directory using keywords and find users by role.

Group Message Status: It is now possible to view the sent, delivered and read statuses of messages for each individual user in a group thread.

TigerText has also added several Android-specific features in the new release including a new design to make navigation faster, a floating action button that allows functions and draft messages to be performed from a single icon and the inclusion of Android for Work Designation which improves the management of users with Google’s MDM admin tool.

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