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TitanHQ Releases Webtitan Cloud 4.12

TitanHQ has announced the release of a new version of its DNS filtering solution, WebTitan Cloud.

Along with a range of updates to ensure the continued smooth running of the platform, TitanHQ has introduced a new feature in WebTitan Cloud v4.12: Location based policies.

Location-based policies give organizations the flexibility to apply filtering controls and enforce acceptable internet usage polices on a per location basis.

The new feature allows internet filtering policies to be set by location for each user, whether they are on or off the network. Should an employee attempt to visit a website that is not permitted by their policy, a customizable block page will be presented. The solution also supports cloud keys, which allow a specific user to bypass Internet controls for a finite period of time.

Search functionality has also been improved in WebTitan Cloud v4.12. A search option has been added to the history page, which allows searches to be performed by location with autocomplete. This gives administrators the ability to see traffic at a specific location, at a specific time, without having to run a report. This new feature can be used by MSPs to quickly see a customer’s traffic.

Users can manage multiple locations under one account and can now apply policies at the organization, department, group, location, or individual level. Administrators are given total visibility into Internet usage across the entire organization and can carefully control the types of web content employees can access.

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