Vade Secure Email Defense

Vade Secure Email Defense is an AI-based email security solution for SMBs and MSPs to improve security for Office 365 and block advanced phishing, spear phishing, and advanced malware threats.

Office 365 is supplied with basic email security as standard through Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP). EOP is effective at controlling spam email and blocking standard phishing threats, but sophisticated phishing and spear phishing threats often bypass Office 365 defenses. Vade Secure developed its Email Defense solution to provide a complimentary layer of AI-based protection to ensure that advanced phishing and malware threats are not delivered to Office 365 inboxes.

Anti-Spam Protection

Spam email can significantly reduce productivity of the workforce. Vade Secure analyzes all inbound email, and through a combination of approaches differentiates spam email from genuine messages. The filtering mechanism that powers Vade Secure Email Defense correctly classifies 99.99% of emails, with fewer than 1 false positive in every 1.6 million emails.

Advertising emails and newsletters are not spam but can similarly reduce productivity. Vade Secure classifies these non-urgent messages differently and sends them to a dedicated low-priority folder. Classifying these messages as graymail helps end users with email management. The solution also includes a one-click unsubscribe function to stop any further unsolicited marketing communications securely.

Anti-Malware Protection

Vade Secure Email Defense is a predictive threat detection solution capable of identifying known and unknown email threats. In contrast to signature-based email security solutions, Vade Secure analyzes the entire email, including content, message headers, protocols, domains, message formats, and behavioral and context elements. The real time behavioral analysis fed into the machine learning and AI-based algorithms at the heart of the solution ensure threats are detected even if they have never been seen before, without the delays associated with sandboxing technologies.

Phishing and Spear Phishing Protection

Rather than relying on blacklists, URLs are crawled in real time at the time of click. Redirects are followed to arrive at the final destination page, which is analyzed for potentially malicious content. Time of click protection ensures dynamic phishing attacks are detected and blocked.

Once installed, Vade Secure Email Defense starts collecting user data and establishes a profile for each organization. This baseline is then used as a reference to identify anomalies in email traffic that could indicate malicious activity such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

Spear phishing emails may not include attachments and hyperlinks, which makes it much harder to detect these threats. Vade Secure provides protection from spear phishing threats by analyzing the content and context of messages to recognize patterns of abuse and social engineering attempts. Rather than disrupt email flow, when a potential spear phishing attempt is detected, users are warned with an email banner alerting them to the potential danger.

Threat Intelligence from 600 Million Mailboxes Powers Vade Secure Email Defense

When new threats are detected, data is pushed out to all other Vade Secure users and the email threat is removed from all other inboxes automatically. There are more than 600 million mailboxes worldwide protected by Vade Secure that provide threat data that can be used to protect all users. The data from these mailboxes is fed through the machine learning and AI algorithms, which train the algorithms to predict new attacks.

Administrators are able to view a summary of all attack attempts on the organization through the Vade Secure dashboard and have complete real-time visibility into email threats, valid messages, suspected threats, and rejected messages.


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