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Webinar 6/18: Best Practices to Ensure Cloud Center of Excellence Success

When businesses first adopt the public cloud and migrate some of their workloads, management is straightforward but as cloud usage grows in size and complexity increases, visibility typically decreases, management becomes a challenge, and there is often considerable wastage of resources. That means that while there are clear benefits that come from the cloud, businesses often fail to achieve the maximum value from their investment.

Effective management of cloud infrastructure requires the creation of a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to oversee cloud usage, manage resources, and ensure all internal stakeholders have adopted best practices. The CCoE team must ensure close collaboration between all teams and departments that consume cloud resources, and any tasks that have been delegated are being properly managed.  The CCoE is also responsible for ensuring cloud costs are kept under control and resources are being fully utilized.

Establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence is one thing, ensuring it is successful and achieves its goals is another. CCoEs often struggle to manage organization-wide cloud financial management, operations, security and compliance, and as such, businesses fail to see the full benefits that the cloud promised.

Redmond Magazine, in conjunction with CloudHealth by VMware, is hosting a webinar on June 18, 2020 to help businesses create a successful and effective CCoE.

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The webinar will cover the importance of a Cloud Center of Excellence for managing organization-wide cloud financial management, operations, and security and compliance. Tips will be offered on selecting the stakeholders that need to be part of your CCoE, and attendees will be walked through a framework that has been developed on industry best practices and advice will be provided on identifying areas where improvements can be made to maintain alignment on cross-functional efforts.

The webinar – Best Practices for a Successful Cloud Center of Excellence – will be presented by Marie Burke, Senior Product Marketing Manager, CloudHealth by VMware on June 18, 2020 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT.

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