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Compliancy Group Confirms Audiology Hear For You, LLC has Achieved HIPAA Compliance

Compliancy Group has announced that Audiology Hear For You, LLC has demonstrated it is fully compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Rules, following the successful completion of Compliancy Group’s 6-Stage HIPAA compliance implementation program.

Audiology Hear For You is a Johns Creek, Georgia-based provider of hearing testing and hearing aid services. Providing those services involves the creation and maintenance of personal health information. Through compliance with HIPAA Rules, appropriate safeguards, policies, and procedures are implemented to ensure all patient information is secured and protected against unauthorized access.

The need to ensure that patient privacy is protected and all risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal health information led Audiology Hear For You to Compliancy Group. “In this day and age of increasing cybercrime it is imperative that we protect our patients’ personal information from those who seek to attain and exploit that information for malicious intentions and financial gain. Patients who choose to obtain hearing services at Audiology Hear For You, LLC will feel more comfortable with trusting our professionals with their personal information knowing that we are HIPAA compliant.”

Ahead of the company’s official opening on February 1, 2020, Audiology Hear For You used Compliancy Group’s proprietary software solution, The Guard, to track and monitor its progress toward HIPAA compliance. Assisted by Compliancy Group’s HIPAA experts, Audiology Hear For You successfully completed Compliancy Group’s HIPAA risk analysis and remediation process and was confirmed as having met all requirements of the HIPAA Privacy, Security, Breach Notification, and Omnibus Rules. As such, Compliancy Group awarded Audiology Hear For You the HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

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The HIPAA Seal of Compliance is a visual aid that demonstrates that a company is HIPAA compliant and has an effective compliance program and that the privacy of its patients and the security of their healthcare data is assured.

Compliancy Group was selected to apply our HIPAA compliant initiative because they presented a simplified list of required tasks to achieve HIPAA compliancy. Their experts were helpful and knowledgeable in guiding our company to take the required legal steps to assure HIPAA compliancy,” explained Audiology Hear For You. “They make a very complicated project very simple by taking it step by step and allowing time to complete tasks.”

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