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Compliancy Group Confirms Wasfago is HIPAA Compliant

Compliancy Group has confirmed the Dubai-based healthcare technology startup Wasfago has implemented an effective HIPAA compliance program and has met the required standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Rules.

In Dubai, UAE, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) provides strategic oversight for the complete health sector and conducts activities to enhance private sector engagement. In 2018, the DHA established the Health Informatics & Smart Health Department, which implemented a comprehensive regulatory framework for digital health in the emirates.

Working within that framework, Wasfago Portal LLC has leveraged advanced technologies to create healthcare solutions to meet the needs of Dubai residents and address their unmet needs. One of the solutions developed by Wasfago is a health app that allows patients to fill their prescriptions remotely and have them delivered promptly, without having to attend and wait at a pharmacy.

Since the Wasfago app collects and transmits healthcare data, it is vital for privacy and security controls to be implemented to ensure that information cannot be intercepted by unauthorized individuals. To confirm effective privacy and security safeguards had been fully implemented, Wasfago partnered with Compliancy Group and used its HIPAA compliance software and methodology to ensure its app, policies, and procedures met the minimum standards of the HIPAA Rules.

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After successfully completing that process, Compliancy Group’s compliance experts assessed Wasfago’s good faith effort toward HIPAA compliance and confirmed it had implemented an effective HIPAA compliance program.

“Wasfago is pleased to announce that it has achieved compliance with the mandated standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (through the use of Compliancy Group’s proprietary HIPAA methodology, and HIPAA Seal of Compliance,” said Wasfago. “Wasfago would like to express its gratitude to the Dubai Health Authority (Health Informatics and smart health department) for the incredible support it has offered, which led to acquiring this HIPAA verification; making Wasfago the first company in the UAE to become verified under HIPAA.”

Author: Steve Alder is the editor-in-chief of HIPAA Journal. Steve is responsible for editorial policy regarding the topics covered on HIPAA Journal. He is a specialist on healthcare industry legal and regulatory affairs, and has several years of experience writing about HIPAA and other related legal topics. Steve has developed a deep understanding of regulatory issues surrounding the use of information technology in the healthcare industry and has written hundreds of articles on HIPAA-related topics.