CSO Online Rates Cofense Triage One of Best Security Software Solutions of 2018

Cofense Triage, the phishing incident response platform, has been included in CSO Online’s 2018 list of the best security software solutions of 2018.

To produce the list, CSO Online conducted independent reviews of a wide range of software solutions. Strict review methodologies were used to select the best security products currently on the market. Each product was researched to find out how it worked, how the solution could be deployed in customer environments, the benefits it provided, and the major problems that the solution resolved.

The review was based on the top technology areas for security identified by Gartner, which included cloud workload protection platforms, remote browsers, deception technologies, endpoint detection and response platforms, network traffic analysis solutions, managed detection and response services, microsegmentation solutions, cloud access security brokers, OSS security scanning services for DevSecOps, and container security.

CSO Online tested all security solutions in a dedicated lab environment with each tested, where appropriate, against some of the most dangerous threats faced by businesses.

CSO Online selected 12 top vendors – one in each category – with Cofense Triage selected as the best security software solution in the phishing defense category. CSO Online explained that Cofense Triage is still evolving but even in its current form it is one of the most advanced defenses businesses and implement to protect them from phishing attacks.

Cofense Triage is deployed as an on-premises virtual appliance that connects with corporate email programs and helps companies manage reports from employees of suspected phishing attempts and phishing attacks in progress.

Secure email gateways and anti-spam solutions are essential, but they fail to block all phishing threats. Many malicious emails make it past those perimeter defenses and are delivered to end users’ inboxes.

Security awareness training – also provided by Cofense – helps employees recognize phishing threats. A one-click phishing email reporting solution – such as Cofense Reporter – allows employees to quickly send suspicious emails to their security teams. Managing those emails can be difficult and time consuming, which is where Cofense Triage helps. Through a combination of human intelligence and machine learning, the solution helps security teams quickly identify the wheat from the chaff and concentrate on the real phishing attempts rather than wasting time on false positives.

Cofense notes that typically only 10% of reported emails are malicious in nature. Security teams often spend a considerable amount of time assessing the 90% of reported emails that are non-malicious in nature.

“Cofense Triage is crucial for security operations teams to quickly find and disrupt active phishing attacks mere minutes after being reported within their organization. Having Triage recognized as one of this year’s best security software solutions, and the best phishing defense solution, by the technical experts at CSO Online is a true testament to that ability,” said Aaron Higbee, CTO and co-founder of Cofense.

Author: Steve Alder has many years of experience as a journalist, and comes from a background in market research. He is a specialist on legal and regulatory affairs, and has several years of experience writing about HIPAA. Steve holds a B.Sc. from the University of Liverpool.