Former Nursing Home Employee Accused of Defrauding Residents Out of $25,000

What Information is Protected Under HIPAA Law

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A former nursing home employee has been accused of stealing the identities of dozens of nursing home residents and using their accounts to pay her bills.

The woman, Anna Zur, 39, of Franklin Park, IL, previously worked in the corporate office of a care facility and abused her access rights to residents’ information to obtain documents and financial information, which she sent to a personal email account. She has been accused of stealing the identities of residents and using their accounts to purchase goods and services and pay her bills.

The Palos Heights Police Department conducted a year-long investigation into cases of identity theft and fraud and issued a warrant for the woman’s arrest. She was taken into custody on August 26, 2020 and has been charged with felony counts of wire fraud and continuing a financial crimes enterprise. The woman has been linked to 35 cases of identity theft and is alleged to have defrauded individuals out of $25,000.

Patient Data Stolen in Ventura Orthopedics Ransomware Attack

The Californian healthcare provider Ventura Orthopedics has experienced a manual ransomware attack and has had patient information stolen and published online. The stolen data was identified by when checking the new data leak site used by the operators of Conti-Ryuk ransomware. Data from the attack was also found on the leak site used by the Maze ransomware operators.

The dumped data was found to contain patient information such as names, dates of birth, medications, and lab test results. In total, more than 1,800 files have been leaked online.

There has been no announcement made by Ventura Orthopedics about the ransomware attack at the time of writing and no information is detailed on the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights breach portal, so it is currently unclear how many individuals have been affected by the attack.

Comanche County Hospital Authority Impacted by Magellan Health Ransomware Attack

Comanche County Hospital has announced that the protected health information of 1,112 individuals was compromised in the ransomware attack on the pharmacy benefits vendor, Magellan Health in April 2020.

Magellan Health’s investigation revealed limited health information of benefit plan members was compromised in the attack such as names, addresses, payment, health insurance account information, and treatment information. No Social Security numbers or financial information were compromised.

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