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HIPAA Compliance Solutions

If you conduct an Internet search for HIPAA compliance solutions, you will get thousands of results. Unfortunately most HIPAA compliance solutions being advertised provide a compliance service in only one or two areas of HIPAA. Few provide total solutions.

This is an important distinction to make. In order to be compliant with HIPAA, you have to be totally compliant. It may be commendable that you have HIPAA-compliant data storage, or HIPAA compliant channels of communication, but these are not total HIPAA compliance solutions.

It only takes one gap in your compliance efforts for a breach of PHI to occur. You could also be fined for failing to be totally HIPAA-compliant if you are audited by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). It is not necessarily the case that individual HIPAA compliance solutions are a waste of time and money, but they do not provide the total coverage you will need in order to be HIPAA compliant.

What Does Total HIPAA Compliance Consist Of?

This will depend on the nature of your business and whether it is classified as a Covered Entity, Business Associate or subcontractor. Large medical facilities that use, maintain and share PHI will likely be subject to a comprehensive selection of regulations from the following Acts of legislation:

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  • The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996).
  • The Privacy Rule (2000) and subsequent amendments.
  • The Security Rule (2003) and subsequent amendments.
  • The HIPAA Enforcement Rule (2006).
  • The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (2009).
  • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009).
  • The Omnibus Final Rule (2013).

In order to be HIPAA-compliant, it may be necessary to comply with all these rules, or just a few. This is why there are no “one-size-fits-all” total HIPAA compliance solutions and so many companies offering solutions to patch different elements of HIPAA compliancy.

If you are unsure about what Acts of legislation your business may be subject to in order to be HIPAA compliant, you are invited to download and read our “HIPAA Compliance Guide” – an extensive outline of what compliance managers need to know before implementing measures to comply with HIPAA.

Find Out More about Total HIPAA Compliance Solutions

If you are already familiar with the HIPAA rules and regulations your business is subject to, and would like further advice about achieving total HIPAA compliance, we suggest you approach the Compliancy Group – a compliance software vendor with a 100% OCR/CMS audit pass rate.

The Compliancy Group provides tailored HIPAA compliance solutions to suit each individual business´s needs. The services provided range from conducting risk assessments and internal audits in order to identify gaps in HIPAA compliance, to remediation planning and staff compliance training.

Other areas covered by the Compliancy Group include the development and implementation of HIPAA-compliant policies and procedures, the management of Business Associates (or subcontractors if your business is already a Business Associate), and how to deal with – and report – a breach of PHI.

The company´s programs are ongoing and frequently updated to account for changes in legislation, technology and work practices. They are also relevant to organizations aiming to qualify for Meaningful Use Stage I & II incentives, with individual coaches available to help answer specific questions.