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JotForm Announces HIPAA Compliant Form Software

Healthcare providers that want to collect data from patients via websites and patient portals need to develop their own forms that meet HIPAA requirements or use HIPAA compliant form software.

Regardless of the option chosen, safeguards must be incorporated into forms to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of protected health information (PHI) and satisfy the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule. Safeguards must protect PHI throughout the collection process, both at rest and in transit.

Collecting information using physical forms is practical in certain situations, although that places an administrative burden on employees who must enter form data into hospital systems. Transitioning to digital forms improves efficiency. Patients can complete prescription fill requests online, provide updates to their medical histories, and make online online. Healthcare providers can also create digital onboarding forms to efficiently sign up new patients, obtain consent forms, and create online questionnaires.

Healthcare providers can avoid headaches by using third-party HIPAA compliant form software. Since forms collect PHI from patients, if a third-party solution provider is used a business associate agreement (BAA) will be required. The BAA confirms that the HIPAA compliant form software provider is aware of the allowable uses and disclosures of patient information and agrees to keep PHI protected and abide by HIPAA Rules.

San Francisco-based JotForm is one of the world’s leading developers of online form software and its online form building solution is used by millions of businesses worldwide. The company has recently announced that it has now incorporated all the necessary safeguards to meet HIPAA requirements and its forms can be used by healthcare organizations to collect PHI safely and securely.

As a HIPAA compliant form software provider, Jotform is happy to enter into a BAA with HIPAA-covered entities that purchase its Enterprise or Gold plan. After the BAA has been obtained, they can use the software to create a wide range of online forms to improve the efficiency of data collection.

“Just because healthcare providers have to be more careful with the process of collecting data, it doesn’t mean it has to be cumbersome. We’re giving them an easy way to do so,” said Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of JotForm. “JotForm directly integrates with many companies that also offer HIPAA compliance, such as Salesforce, Box and Google Drive. In addition, patients can pay online bills through payment forms powered by JotForm’s payment integrations, including Square, PayPal and Authorize.Net.”

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