HIPAA-Compliant Managed Services

Healthcare organizations that engage the services of a HIPAA-compliant hosting company will be provided with a secure platform that can be used to host databases, applications, and websites that interact with protected health information. Many aspects of the management of the platform and security are taken care of by the hosting company as part of the hosting package.

Most hosting providers also offer a range of HIPAA Managed Services to help HIPAA-covered entities get the best possible performance, simplify compliance, and reduce the administrative burden on their compliance and IT teams.

In addition to providing a secure, HIPAA-compliant hosting platform, hosting companies frequently offer managed server hosting and server management services. These services include troubleshooting network connectivity issues, and resolving hardware and operating systems, and other IT support services typically provided by in-house IT staff. These managed services are especially useful to smaller healthcare organizations that lack the in-house resources to manage those functions internally.

Additional security functions may be on offer, such as network edge protection services. These include web application firewalls to filter out illegitimate traffic and block cross-scripting and SQL injection attacks, zero-day exploits, and mitigate DDoS attacks.

Large healthcare organizations are likely to have websites that serve millions of concurrent sessions. To keep them fast and reliable, hosting providers offer load balancing technology to ensure traffic is evenly distributed among several different web servers. This ensures that regardless of traffic, page content is quickly loaded to improve the

The recent increase in ransomware attacks has highlighted the importance of adopting a robust backup strategy. Restore, volume-level, and file-level backup capabilities can be added to hosting solutions. These HIPAA disaster recovery services ensure that should disaster strike, data can be recovered in the shortest possible time frame and damage is kept to a minimum.

By taking advantage of these additional HIPAA managed services, healthcare organizations can ensure they remain HIPAA compliant and can concentrate on more important tasks such as providing care to patients and improving patient services.