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Former Cedar Rapids Hospital Employee Who Weaponized Ex-Boyfriend’s PHI Sentenced to Probation

A former Cedar Rapids Hospital employee has been sentenced to 5 years’ probation for wrongfully accessing and distributing the protected health information (PHI) of her ex-boyfriend.

Jennifer Lynne Bacor, 41, of Las Vegas, NV, was employed as a patient care technician at a Cedar Rapids hospital. The position gave her access to systems containing the individually identifiable information of patients. While she was authorized to access that information, she was only permitted to view the information of patients in order to complete her work duties.

Bacor’s ex-boyfriend had visited the hospital on multiple occasions in 2017 to receive treatment. Bacor used her login credentials to access his medical records from October 2013 to September 2017 on multiple occasions between April and October 2017, when there was no legitimate work reason for doing so.

Accessing the protected health information of an individual when there is no legitimate work purpose for doing so is a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), for which criminal charges can be filed.

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Bacor took a photograph of a medical image that showed injuries sustained by her ex-boyfriend and sent the photo to a third party. The third party subsequently sent the image to other individuals via Facebook Messenger, including taunting language and emojis with the image. Bacor was also found to have stated in social media chats with another person that she was attempting to get primary custody of the two children she had with her ex-boyfriend.

After learning about the privacy breach, the ex-boyfriend filed a complaint with the hospital on October 4, 2017 alleging Bacor had accessed his medical records without authorization and provided the photo to the hospital. The hospital conducted an investigation into the privacy breach and confirmed Bacor had accessed his medical records on 10 occasions. Bacor was initially suspended, then fired for the HIPAA violation.

In August 2020, Bacor admitted to law enforcement officers that she had violated federal privacy laws in an attempt to protect her children. Bacor entered into a plea arrangement and pleaded guilty to one count of wrongfully obtaining individually identifiable information under false pretenses.

U.S. District Judge C.J. Williams said Bacor had “weaponized” her ex-boyfriend’s private medical information by sending it to others and sentenced her to 5 months’ probation and fined her $1,000. Bacor has also been prohibited from working in any job that requires her to have access to the private medical records of others.

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