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Man Indicted for 5 Year Identity Theft Spree Used Memphis Neurology Data

A Memphis man has been indicted on charges of identity theft and is alleged to have defrauded banks out of close to $1.7 million over a period of five years.

According to a statement issued by a spokesperson for Edward L. Stanton III, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, Jeremy Jones, 37, of Memphis is alleged to have stolen the identities of 146 patients and employees of Memphis Neurology, as well as car dealers and his acquaintances.

The fraud spree first occurred in 2011, continued in 2012, and identities also stolen in 2015.  The majority of the identities that were used to defraud banks came from patients of Memphis Neurology.

Jones managed to obtain personal information of patients of Memphis Neurology through a contact who was employed by the healthcare provider in 2012. Patient information was reportedly stolen on request by this co-conspirator who gained access to the patient database and recorded the personal information of patients. The stolen data was used to open bank accounts in the names of the victims and apply for loans and credit. Jones allegedly agreed to compensate his co-conspirator for providing the personal information that enabled him to steal patients’ identities.

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Office manager for Memphis Neurology, Ann McFall, told FOX13 that the co-conspirator no longer works for the company and was terminated when the data theft was discovered in 2012. The co-conspirator in the case was dealt with by the authorities according to McFall. She also said that this was strictly a case of identity theft. No medical data were stolen and there was no HIPAA violation.

Jones is alleged to have applied for credit with multiple financial institutions and received checks in the mail from a number of different banks. In total, Jones is alleged to have fraudulently obtained $1,660,587.30 from banks since 2011 using fake IDs. Jones has been indicted on charges of identity theft, aggravated identity theft, wire fraud, and mail fraud. If convicted of all the charges he faces almost 30 years in jail.

Rite Aid Employee Suspected of Stealing Credit Card Numbers

There have been a number of cases of rogue employees obtaining customer and patient data in recent days, with the drug store chain Rite Aid recently uncovering a case of suspected data theft.

In this case, no Social Security numbers are understood to have been stolen, although a former employee of the Rite Aid store on 238 Hooker Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY., has been accused of stealing customer names, addresses, and credit card/debit card details. It is not known how many card numbers were obtained by the former employee.

Poughkeepsie Police are still conducting the investigation, although the former Rite Aid employee, Kevin Thomas, 26, has been charged with second degree identity theft. If convicted of the class E felony, Thomas could face up to four years in jail.

All customers who visited the Poughkeepsie store have been warned that they may be victims of credit card fraud and should obtain and closely check their credit card and bank statements for unauthorized purchases. Any suspected fraud should be reported to the City of Poughkeepsie police department.

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