New Initiatives Launched by Atlantic.Net to Help U.S. SMBs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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On November 15, 2020, the HIPAA-compliant cloud service provider Atlantic.Net announced two new initiatives to help small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) during the Covid-19 pandemic.

SMBs have been struggling throughout the pandemic and are trying to implement more permanent remote workforces with limited budgets, which has naturally placed a strain on their IT and cloud services systems. To help these businesses survive and thrive, Atlantic.Net has announced two new offers. The first sees the company provide new cloud VPS customers with double the resources than were previously provided, at no additional cost.

Initially, this new offer is being made available for all cloud plans in the Orlando data center, which will be automatically upgraded to the specifications of the cloud plan in the next price bracket. Atlantic.Net is planning to roll out this offer to all seven of its global data centers in the next few weeks.

The second initiative will see Atlanic.Net’s Free Server promotion automatically upgraded for new users, which will now provide 2GB instead of 1GB. The upgrade comes at no additional cost and will be provided for 12 months.

“COVID 19 has put an incredible strain on IT and cloud services systems, with remote work scaling to a larger and more permanent levels. In order to help businesses, we’re offering even more flexibility to organizations reevaluating their cloud provider,” said Marty Puranik, CEO and Founder of Atlantic.Net. “We truly hope that this will not only help America’s small to mid-size businesses get more for less, but also our healthcare providers, who can now get audit-ready and healthcare compliant solutions for half the price!” is a leading cloud service provider with thousands of developers and SMB clients in more than 100 countries, with the company serving business users such as NASA, Lenovo, Hilton, and Newegg. Atlantic.Net is also a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant cloud services to the healthcare industry in the United States, offering scalable cloud computing across seven international data centers in New York, London, San Francisco, Toronto, Dallas, Ashburn, and Orlando

Details of the latest cloud offerings and Atlantic.Net’s pricing structure can be found on this link:

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