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What is a Good Proofpoint Alternative for Email Security

Proofpoint is a leading provider of email security solutions, and its products are popular with businesses of all sizes for protecting against common and emerging threats. In this article, we present a Proofpoint alternative that also provides excellent threat protection and ranks highly for usability, support, and price.

Cyberattacks on healthcare organizations have been increasing at an incredible pace, with 2021 seeing 714 data breaches reported to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights. 82% of reported cyberattacks on the healthcare industry were hacking and IT incidents and more than 50 million healthcare records were exposed in data breaches in 2021. Cyber actors use a variety of vectors in their attacks to gain access to internal networks and sensitive data, with email being the most common method of gaining a foothold in the network.

If you want to improve your defenses against cyberattacks, email security solutions are often the best place to start. Traditional email security gateways are effective at blocking spam and known malware, but as cyberattacks increase in sophistication and phishing and malspam emails become harder to detect, more advanced email security solutions are required to provide protection.

Proofpoint Email Protection is one of the most popular email security solutions, with SpamTitan Email Security a leading Proofpoint alternative. Both email security solutions include advanced threat protection capabilities that can identify and block known as well as unknown threats.

Proofpoint Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection is a leading next-generation email security solution for protecting against the most common attack vector in cyberattacks. The solution is effective at blocking phishing, email impersonation, business email compromise, and malware delivery via email and is provided as a cloud-based service or an on-premises solution.

Independent tests have confirmed the solution blocks 99% of spam emails and 100% of known malware. Advanced threat protection mechanisms, which include sandboxing, allow novel malware and other emerging threats to be identified and blocked. The solution is highly customizable and supports flexible policy creation, has granular filtering controls. The solution has extensive reporting that provides detailed visibility into mail flow and trends and allows administrators to gain a better understanding of email threats targeting the business. The solution continuously conducts dynamic reputation analysis and assessed local and global IP addresses to determine whether to accept, reject or throttle email connections, helping to protect against the first signs of malicious activity.

The product is reasonably priced compared to many email security solutions. The per month price per user, based on 250 employees, is $3.25 and the annual cost is $9,750.

SpamTitan Email Security

SpamTitan from TitanHQ is a popular Proofpoint alternative that is fast gaining ground on the biggest names in cybersecurity. The company has been enjoying impressive growth in the United States, especially with managed service providers. SpamTitan is an advanced email security solution that is primarily a cloud-delivered service, although on-premises installations are possible with SpamTitan Gateway, which is provided as a virtual appliance for installation on existing hardware.

SpamTitan provides market-leading protection against spam and bulk email, with independent tests confirming a catch rate of 99.99% and a false positive rate of 0.003%. The solution is effective at blocking malware, with independent tests confirming its dual antivirus engines have a 100% block rate for known malware threats and advanced threat protection against unknown threats through its industry-leading next-generation Bitdefender-powered sandboxing.

The solution features predictive machine learning technology to anticipate and block new attacks, highly granular filtering rules, and rapid threat blocking through 6 dedicated real-time blacklists. Emails are scanned in real-time to protect against whaling, phishing, and spear-phishing attacks, with the solution offering advanced malicious URL protection. The solution includes outbound scanning to identify potentially compromised mailboxes and a data loss protection feature, which can be used to tag sensitive data types to identify attempts to send restricted data externally.

Price is an important consideration, especially for SMBs and MSPs. SpamTitan is very competitively priced and offers monthly billing. The per month price per user, based on 250 employees, is $1.08 and the annual cost is $3,225.

Product Ratings

If you are looking for a Proofpoint alternative, insights can be found on business software review sites such as G2 Crowd. Reviews from verified users of the solutions on G2 Crowd show both are well-liked by users. SpamTitan and Proofpoint Email Protection have combined scores of 4.6 out of 5 based on 176 reviews for Proofpoint and 193 reviews for SpamTitan.

SpamTitan scores highest in the ratings for ease of use – 9.0 vs 8.3, ease of setup – 9.0 vs 7.8, ease of admin 8.9 vs 8.3, quality of support 9.2 vs 8.8, and ease of doing business with the company 9.3 vs 8.9. Proofpoint scored highest in the other two categories: meets requirements 9.4 vs 9.3 and product direction 9.0 vs 8.3.

In all categories apart from one where the feature was not available in the Proofpoint solution, SpamTitan attracted higher scores from users, with those categories being administration, maintenance, functionality, detection, security, and protection. Reviews were similar on TrustRadius, with Proofpoint given an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10 with SpamTitan given 9.7 out of 10, based on reviews from verified users.

Is SpamTitan a Good Proofpoint Alternative?

Proofpoint and SpamTitan are accomplished, award-winning email security solutions for businesses and managed service providers that protect against the full range of email-based threats. The solutions have advanced threat protection capabilities that allow previously unseen threats to be identified and blocked, making both solutions better than traditional email gateway solutions that perform well at blocking spam and known malware, but do not fare so well against phishing, spear phishing, business email compromise, and compromised mailbox detection.

If you are looking for a more advanced email security solution to improve protection against the full range of threats, both solutions are worthy of further investigation with SpamTitan a popular Proofpoint alternative. Based on user reviews, SpamTitan outperforms Proofpoint Email Protection in virtually all categories, and it is a clear winner on price. You can try both solutions before committing to a purchase by taking advantage of the free trials on offer.