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Next Gen Secure Enterprise Messaging App Great News for HIPAA Covered Entities

A next generation secure enterprise messaging app has recently been released, offering HIPAA-covered entities a fast, convenient and secure method of communicating. The real time messaging app has all of the required security features to ensure HIPAA-compliant text messages can be sent quickly, easily, and 100% securely.

Communication Problems in the Healthcare Industry


Hackers, malicious insiders, and thieves are trying to obtain healthcare data from HIPAA-Covered entities (CEs); and many are succeeding. The use of Smartphones and other mobile devices has caused concern, as the units are difficult to effectively secure.

HIPAA places a number of demands on healthcare providers and other CEs to ensure Protected Health Information (PHI) is kept secure and confidential. There are mandatory data security requirements detailed in the HIPAA Security Rule, and many addressable areas, which ensure that healthcare providers achieve an acceptable standard of data security.

Under HIPAA Rules, PHI cannot be sent via insecure networks unless it has been encrypted or deidentified. SMS, and the most popular app-based communication options lack the necessary security measures to allow PHI to be transmitted. Data must be either sent via encrypted email, or physically transferred.

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However, SMS messages are one of the most convenient ways to communicate, and if text messages can be sent securely, the service can be leveraged to reduce wastage, increase efficiency, and improve patient outcomes.

Next Gen Secure Enterprise Messaging App

Yesterday, the leading provider of real-time messaging solutions for the enterprise, TigerText, announced it has developed a new secure messaging platform package, which it is now offering for free download.

For healthcare providers, the secure messaging app can be downloaded onto all devices operating under a BYOD scheme, and provider-supplied devices, giving all users access to a secure internal network, through which they can communicate with each other securely. PHI can also be communicated via the network, as text messages are protected by end to end encryption.

A cross-platform app synchronizes mobiles, desktop and tablets; allows secure multi-media file transmission; offers delivery and read receipts; as well as a message recall function. The enterprise administration tool-kit has been expanded for this next gen release, for easier management of security controls and enterprise data.

Brad Brooks, TigerText Co-Founder and CEO, said “The rise of over-the-top (‘OTT’) messaging supplanting SMS amongst consumers is widely recognized,” he went on to say, “We now see enterprises looking for an OTT messaging solution as they are realizing it provides a quicker, more efficient and safer way to communicate. With TigerText’s next generation solution, they get the benefits of this ROI without sacrificing the corporate controls they require.”

Since the soft launch of the secure enterprise messaging app, the company has attracted 3 million users and 10,000 business customers.

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