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Sound Community Services Discovers Email Account Breach

New London, CT-based Sound Community Services Inc., a not-for-profit provider of education, support and assistance for individuals with persistent mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders has discovered an unauthorized individual has gained access to an employee’s email account.

Suspicious activity was detected on the email account on January 13, 2017. An investigation was immediately launched and access to the email account was blocked. The investigators determined access to the email account had been gained the previous day.

A forensic investigation into the security breach was conducted, although the identity of the unauthorized individual could not be determined. The email account was discovered to contained the protected health information of 1,278 individuals.

No information has been released detailing how the unauthorized individual gained access to the email account, although this type of security breach is commonly caused as a result of employees responding to phishing emails and disclosing their email credentials.

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While it is possible that patient information was accessed by the unauthorized individual, no evidence has been uncovered to suggest emails in the account were opened and viewed and no reports have been received to suggest any exposed information has been obtained and misused. Fortunately, the information in the emails was limited, with only names and client numbers exposed. One individual also had details of referring information exposed.

The review of the email accounts was only completed on April 18, hence the delay in issuing notifications. The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights was notified of the breach on May 26.

Even though the information exposed was limited, all affected individuals have been offered 24 months of identity protection services without charge. Those individuals are being notified of the breach by mail and are being provided with background information on the incident.

Sound Community Services will be implementing new controls to ensure similar incidents are prevented in the future.

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