TigerText Launches HIPAA Compliant Secure Texting App for Desktops

TigerText, the leading provider of secure text messaging solutions for the enterprise, has announced the launch of its latest initiative, TigerText Anywhere: A HIPAA compliant secure texting app for desktop computers.

TigerText’s HIPAA compliant text message platform is already hugely successful. To date, more than 250,000 healthcare professionals have adopted the secure messaging platform. The company now counts 4 out of 5 of the largest for-profit healthcare systems in the United States among its clients.

TigerText Co-Founder & CEO, Brad Brooks

TigerText Co-Founder & CEO, Brad Brooks

According to TigerText co-founder and CEO, Brad Brooks, “TigerText has reached the scale necessary to truly improve the quality of care our healthcare customers deliver, while at the same time reducing the costs to do so.”

In fact, the potential cost savings from using the HIPAA compliant secure texting app are considerable, as Brooks explains. “By connecting electronic health records, critical alerts, real time shift data, and other essential components of patient care and productivity, we think that secure, real-time messaging could save the healthcare industry $30-$50 billion a year.

The HIPAA compliant secure texting app features full end to end encryption, allowing secure, real-time messages to be transmitted without the risk of data being intercepted. Robust authentication controls also ensure only the intended recipient is able to view messages. Users of the secure texting app are able to send real-time messages containing Protected Health Information (PHI) without the risk of a HIPAA violation.

However, one of the main issues with secure messaging solutions for healthcare providers is the fact that they require use of Smartphones or tablets. The majority of healthcare providers allow the use of these devices in the workplace, and either supply their physicians with devices or allow them to use their own under a BYOD scheme. Nurses are also permitted to participate in some BYOD schemes, but many healthcare providers restrict the use of Smartphones and tablets to physicians. They have not extended their BYOD policies to include other healthcare professionals.

Laboratory staff are similarly not permitted to participate in many BYOD schemes, and portable devices are not supplied to them by their employers. This limits the usefulness of the secure messaging platform. The development TigerText Anywhere has solved this problem.

Multi-Platform HIPAA compliant Secure Texting App Can Now Be Used by All Healthcare Professionals


TigerText Anywhere was developed with these workers in mind. It extends the usefulness of the secure messaging platform and allows all members of the care team to communicate securely, regardless of the devices they have at their disposal.

TigerText Anywhere functions on mobile phones (Android and iOS), on tablets, and desktop computers running Windows or OS X. The platform can also be used on the Apple Watch, incorporating speech to text functionality. In fact, secure messages can be sent to anyone with Web access. TigerText Anywhere can be used to communicate securely with non-TigerText users. All that is required is an email address or mobile number.

According to Brooks, “Our scale has further unlocked enormous opportunity for TigerConnect as many of our customers look to incorporate our TigerConnect iOS, Android and JavaScript SDKs into their applications as well.”

Low Connectivity Protocol (LCP) has Vastly Improved Coverage

Healthcare services are not always provided in hospitals and medical centers. One of the problems faced by adopters of secure messaging solutions is one of connectivity. Patients may not be located in areas with good connectivity, and consequently, messages many not be delivered. TigerText was the first secure messaging service provider to solve this issue. By using Low Connectivity Protocol (LCP) across its offerings, messages are able to be delivered even in areas with poor connectivity.

The HIPAA compliant secure texting app has allowed healthcare provides to make considerable savings, in some cases up to 30x the cost of using implementing the product. According to Michael Docktor, MD, & Clinical Director of Boston’s Children’s Hospital, “Boston Children’s Hospital has leveraged TigerText to improve care delivery in critical areas by making team communication more efficient.”

Other healthcare providers have managed to reduce re-admission rates by more than 65% as a direct result of using this HIPAA compliant secure texting app. Length of stay in hospitals has been reduced by as much as 56%, prescriptions have been able to be filled out 50% faster by one pharmacy customer, while one nursing facility reported seeing an additional 15 patients per hour as a result of implementing the messaging service. With the release of TigerText Anywhere, healthcare providers stand to benefit even more.


Author: Steve Alder has many years of experience as a journalist, and comes from a background in market research. He is a specialist on legal and regulatory affairs, and has several years of experience writing about HIPAA. Steve holds a B.Sc. from the University of Liverpool.