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Vizient Inc., Awards Group Purchasing Contract to QliqSOFT Inc.

The clinical communications solution provider QliqSOFT has been awarded a group purchasing contract by Vizient, Inc., the largest member-driven, healthcare performance improvement company in the United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, QliqSOFT will offer its popular HIPAA-compliant secure messaging platform – Qliq – its CareChannels collaboration solution, and its OnCall Scheduling service to Vizient members at contract rates, providing enhanced savings to Vizient’s membership and customer base, which includes pediatric facilities, community medical centers, academic medical centers, integrated healthcare delivery networks, and non-acute healthcare providers.

“We are extremely excited about our agreement with Vizient to offer our flagship secure texting solution to its membership at contract pricing,” said QliqSOFT CEO Krishna Kurapati. “This validates QliqSOFT’s model of providing the most robust cloud-based secure texting service that does not store PHI in the cloud.”

The healthcare industry in the United States has been slow to adopt modern communications solutions. While secure text messaging platforms, email, and other efficient communications solutions are widely used in other industry sectors, the healthcare industry is still largely reliant on fax machines and pager systems. More than 90% of hospitals in the United States still rely on pagers to communicate internally, and approximately 75% of medical communications are still sent by fax.

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Pager systems have served the industry well for decades; however, paging only allows one-way communications. The system doesn’t support team collaboration. Many healthcare professionals have resorted to communicating using standard SMS messages due to the convenience and speed at which information can be sent and received. However, SMS messages cannot be used to send protected health information as SMS messages are not HIPAA compliant. Use of text messages to send PHI could result in a significant financial penalty as it violates the HIPAA Security Rule.

The industry is warming to the use of secure messaging platforms and many healthcare providers have now implemented a solution to replace their pager systems. More than 1,000 healthcare organizations have chosen QliqSOFT to provide such a solution.

The agreement with between Vizient and QliqSOFT will help the company expand its reach in the healthcare industry further still, with the platform helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve the quality of collaborative care and the speed of payment processing, while reducing the potential for communications errors. Healthcare providers that have adopted the platform report that they have been able to reduce readmission rates and lower the overall cost of providing care to patients.

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