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Web Event: Solving the HIPAA Problem with Compliancy Group: Demonstration of The Guard HIPAA Compliance Software

HIPAA Journal Sponsor, Compliancy Group, will be hosting a group demonstration of its HIPAA compliance software solution, The Guard, on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 14:00 ET.

The event will give you the opportunity to find out more about how The Guard simplifies HIPAA compliance and how it can help your organization meet all requirements of the HIPAA Privacy, Security, Breach Notification, and Omnibus Rules.

The Guard is a proprietary software solution that simplifies compliance with HPAA Rules and covers all aspects of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The software is based on Compliancy Group’s “Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain” methodology, and will not only help covered entities and business associates develop a compliance program, it will help them ensure that compliance is maintained. By simplifying the compliance process, covered entities and business associates can focus on running their businesses and practices.

The Guard includes intuitive training and assistance from Compliancy Group’s compliance coaches along with HIPAA assessments covering privacy, security, device audits, and administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. After successfully completing the 6-step risk analysis and risk remediation process, clients will be awarded Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance. The solution also includes incident management and breach notification assistance, business associate management and tracking of all vendors, and data breach and HIPAA audit support.

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The HIPAA Journal compliance checklist provides the top priorities for your organization to become fully HIPAA compliant.

The Guard can be used by vendors who are looking to start providing products and services to healthcare clients but must first ensure they are fully compliant with HIPAA Rules. The software solution will also help established business associates and covered entities ensure that they are fully compliant and will be able to pass an Office for Civil Rights’ compliance audit.

The Group Demonstration will give you the opportunity to find out more about Compliancy Group and The Guard HIPAA compliance solution.

You can register for the event using the link below:

Solving the HIPAA Problem: Group Demonstration of The Guard HIPAA Compliance Solution

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