Webinar 05/21/20: How to Double the Protection for Remote Workers

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Are you concerned about your remote employees accessing malicious websites, being fooled by phishing scams, or downloading malware?

On Thursday May 21, 2020, the Ireland-based cybersecurity company TitanHQ is hosting a webinar to explain how you can better protect your remote workers and significantly improve your defenses against phishing and malware attacks.

Most cyberattacks that target employees have an email and web-based component. Email security solutions are effective at blocking the majority of malicious emails, but some emails may end up being delivered to inboxes.

Links in the emails direct employees to websites were credentials are harvested or malware is downloaded. Implementing a web filtering solution provides protection from the web-based part of the attack and prevents employees from visiting malicious websites. A web filter adds an important extra layer of security against phishing attacks and malware and ransomware downloads.

During the webinar, TitanHQ will explain how COVID-19 is being exploited by cybercriminals to attack organizations and steps that can be taken to meet the challenge of protecting a largely distributed workforce.

The webinar will focus on TitanHQ’s DNS-based web filtering solution – WebTitan – and will explain the features and security layers of the solution that will help you manage user security at multiple locations.

Webinar Details

Title:     Keeping your Remote Workers TWICE as secure with SpamTitan & WebTitan

Date:     Thursday, May 21, 2020

Time:    11:00-11:30 CDT

Host:     TitanHQ

  • Derek Higgins, Engineering Manger TitanHQ
  • Eddie Monaghan, Channel Manager TitanHQ
  • Marc Ludden, Strategic Alliance Manager TitanHQ
  • Kevin Hall, Senior Systems Engineer at Datapac

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