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Webinar 10/28/21: How HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Transforms Care Collaboration and Outcomes

Secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging platforms have clear, measurable benefits for healthcare delivery organizations and help to solve communication problems in hospitals.

Efficient communication in healthcare is vital but all too often valuable time is wasted trying to communicate important information to busy healthcare professionals due to the continued use of outdated communication methods such as landlines, faxes, and email.

Studies have shown that communication problems in healthcare negatively affect patient outcomes. 70% of treatment delays in hospitals have been traced to miscommunications, and delays in treatment mean longer hospital stays for patients. Inefficient communication costs the healthcare industry millions of dollars each year.

Secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging platforms offer a solution. These messaging platforms incorporate the necessary safeguards to ensure they can be used to transmit ePHI to the right people at the right time without violating any provisions of the HIPAA Rules. Phone tag is eliminated, as messages are sent to individuals’ mobile devices, with notifications confirming when the messages have been delivered and read.

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Users of the TigerConnect secure messaging platform have achieved a 34% increase in workflow efficiency by adopting the platform, a 75% reduction in transport time, and prescriptions are filled 50% faster, with average combined savings of $6.2 million.

This week, TigerConnect will be hosting a webinar to explain the key benefits these platforms provide. Attendees will discover how a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform can make care teams immediately more efficient and effective, which results in better collaboration, happier patients, and decreased costs.

Webinar Details

Title:      How HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Transforms Care Collaboration and Outcomes

Date:     Thursday, October 28, 2021

Time:    1.00 p.m. ET | 12 p.m. CT | 11 a.m. MT | 10 a.m. PT

Hosts:   Julie Grenuk, RN, Nurse Executive, TigerConnect; Tommy Wright, Director of Product Marketing, TigerConnect

Webinar Closed


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