How Much Does Cisco Umbrella Cost?

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Cisco is a leading DNS filtering solution provider that offers a web filtering product called Cisco Umbrella, which was previously known as OpenDNS. Discover how much does Cisco Umbrella cost and whether it is a viable option financially for your organization.

Why is Cisco Umbrella Necessary?

A DNS filter serves two main purposes. A DNS filter provides IT teams with visibility into online activities by staff and guest users and allows restrictions to be placed on online activities to prevent certain types of website from being accessed.

With a DNS filter it is possible to enforce acceptable internet usage policies and block categories of content such as pornography, gambling, or social media websites. The solution helps with compliance, can prevent HR issues, and by blocking certain types of website it is possible to improve productivity. The solution also allows SafeSearch browsing to be enforced.

A DNS filter also improves security posture by blocking downloads of certain file types, such as those commonly used to hide malware and ransomware. A DNS filter is also an important anti-phishing control that prevents employees from visiting known phishing websites, such as via hyperlinks sent in phishing emails.

Both types of control can be applied for individual users, guests, patients, departments, or the entire organization.

How Much Does Cisco Umbrella Cost?

The cost of Cisco Umbrella is variable and will depend on a variety of factors. There are several pricing tiers and add-on services such as support which will increase the price.  The basic cost for a healthcare organization is likely to be in the region of $2.70 per user per month in 2019.

Budgets for new IT solutions will no doubt be stretched, so it is important to weigh up the costs and benefits of any solution. With a DNS filter in place, organizations can improve their security posture and prevent costly data breaches. The cost of a breach will be far more than the cost of implementing Cisco Umbrella or another DNS filtering solution.

Cisco Umbrella is a powerful web filtering solution for healthcare organizations and the price is certainly justified for what the solution provides, but the product is priced at the upper end of the price spectrum. There are much cheaper alternatives available that may provide all the features you need.

Author: HIPAA Journal

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