TigerConnect Healthcare Solutions

TigerConnect Healthcare Solutions

TigerConnect is the leader in secure, real-time messaging for healthcare. The company’s encrypted messaging platform keeps communications safe, improves workflows, and complies with industry regulations. Rated by KLAS as the most widely adopted solution, more than 5,000 facilities and four of the top five largest for-profit health systems in the nation rely on TigerConnect to increase efficiency, drive down costs, and improve patient satisfaction.

About the TigerConnect Product

TigerConnect provides you a wide range of secure messaging features to improve collaboration with co-workers and get more done in less time.

• Secure Messaging – Keep messages private with fully encrypted, end-to-end secure messaging solution.
• Priority Messaging – Send high-priority messages that stay at the top of the recipients in-box and specific a unique alert for instant differentiation
• Auto Forward – Have messages automatically forwarded to another colleague when you are in Do Not Disturb Mode.
• Rooms – Have open, on-going forum discussions with colleagues on specific topics. Join or leave a Room anytime.
• Delivery Confirmation – Know instantly when messages have been sent, delivered, and read.
• Message Lifespan – See how long your message lives to dictate when messages will be automatically deleted.
• Message Anyone – Secure converse with colleague’s who do not have TigerConnect.
• Message Recall – Recall a message and attachments before or after it has been sent.
• Secure Attachments – Securely attach photos voice notes, PDFs, and other common file types, even right from cloud storage apps like Box, Google Drive, and others.

TigerConnect for Healthcare

No matter what role you play in healthcare, you know the importance of having a secure, reliable communications channel that maximizes productivity and accelerates workflow. TigerConnect provides the most innovative, secure way to communicate at work.

• Achieve Operational Excellence – Keep your organization running successfully with efficient, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant communication.
• Increase Clinician Satisfaction and Efficiency – Equip your clinicians with the right tools to provide the best care.
• Enhance Communications between Nurses and Physicians – Dramatically Improve the quality of patient care by enabling nurses to effectively communicate with the entire care team.
• Secure Messaging That Works Reliably Every Time – With over 5,000 facilities trusting critical communications to TigerConnect, you can be assured of a solution that works when you need it most.

In many healthcare organizations, message accountability can be crucial. With TigerConnect, all messages are time-stamped and an audit trail created. Messages can be archived and tagged for easy retrieval, while security mechanisms prevent the unauthorized modification or deletion of PHI.

TigerConnect also helps improve a healthcare organization´s security posture. Hackers are increasingly targeting mobile devices to create a gateway into corporate networks. By securing internal communications with TigerConnect, healthcare organizations can mitigate the risk of a malware or ransomware attack. acknowledges that not off-the-shelf products suit every organization´s needs. With this in mind, the company developed the TigerConnect app – A secure messaging SDK that enables software developers to integrate secure messaging capabilities into any application, without having to build a full stack, secure messaging infrastructure from scratch.

Waterbury Hospital uses TigerConnect

Hoag Hospital implements TigerConnect

To learn more about TigerConnect’s secure messaging solutions, please contact us at:

Email: info@tigerconnect.com
Web: www.tigerconnect.com
Blog: www.tigerconnect.com/blog
Phone: 310-401-1820


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